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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Happy Official Publication Day - At The End of Holyrood Lane

Not even the voices in my head told me this couldn't be done - to write a picture book addressing domestic violence in a way that gives hope, raises awareness and above all, endears young readers to question and empathise.


I'm thrilled those voices remained silent for it allowed me to hear Flick's story clearly enough to massage it into the picture book that is, At The End of Holyrood Lane. And today, I welcome this story and Flick into the world.

For those lucky enough to live in the top eastern corner of Australia, please join me and Susanne Gervay for the official launch of this special picture book. Click on invitation for full event details.



Monday, 3 September 2018

Books with Heart - Highlights from Holyrood Lane and EK Books

Risk taking is never easy to contemplate let alone actuate. EK Books have done so with me on more than one occasion. When publisher, Anouska Jones first approached me to publish one of my stories, the then fledging The Fix-It Man, I could hardly believe it. My story about grief and loss had ticked all of EK Books' boxes.

Several years on, EK Books has blossomed from a handful of titles to the impressive children's imprint of  Exisle Publishing stabling titles by well-known creators and rising new talent that expound the premise 'books with heart on issues that matter'.

Fortunately for me, domestic violence is an issue that matters very much to them.
Today I want to shout out my eternal gratitude to Anouska and the entire EK Books team for being foresighted and bold enough to not only take on this delicate subject but for embracing Flick's story with as much enthusiasm and determination as I.

As Holyrood Lane's illustrator, Nicky Johnston and I will attest, they are a pure joy to work with.
Thank you EK Books!

Come back soon - it's almost publication day! 

Monday, 27 August 2018

Empowering Change Through Education - Highlights from Holyrood Lane and Think Equal

From the second I heard Founder and President of Think Equal, Leslee Unwin utter the words of Socrates, 'education of the head without education of the heart is no education at all' I knew this lady was so much more than just an advocate for change.

Helming the mighty force that is Think Equal, Leslee truly believes that through the process of narration, young people have the opportunity to develop their empathetic abilities - through stories, reading, conversations and experimental learning, change is made.

We share a similar conviction, that books and story mediate empathy and create emotionally intelligent, sympathetic human beings who become critical thinkers able to self-regulate. It is why I embrace picture books with difficult subject matter.

It is why Leslee supports the intent behind At The End of Holyrood Lane.

Today I thank Leslee for her generous words of endorsement and applaud her and all that she does to empower communities across the globe to nurture mindsets through education.

I think…the poetry and vivid use of language is exciting and will encourage creativity and love of language in young children. Above all, Dimity’s skills in and focus on mediating social and emotional skills and competencies to children, will encourage them to see help in dark times and help them to navigate through stormy weather and understand that it pass. Leslee Unwin Think Equal


Monday, 20 August 2018

Preventing and Treating Child Abuse - Highlights from Holyrood Lane with Act For Kids

All children are entitled to an abuse-free, safe and happy childhood.

No one believes this more fiercely than Act for Kids, an Australian charity providing free therapy and support services to children and families who have experienced, or are at risk of child abuse and neglect.
Registered psychologist and SE Queensland Regional Director of Act of Kids, Gary Poole not only embraces At The End of Holyrood Lane and its intent, but acknowledges the importance of books like this in initiating understanding, awareness and action among those who are primary victims and also those who are not directly affected by abuse.

Thank you Gary et al at Act for Kids for endeavouring to make children's worlds better more beautiful places to grow in.

In subtle ways, children’s books have long had a powerful impact in helping generations understand and make sense of the sometimes baffling and frightening aspects of life experienced in growing up. Themes of being lost in a dark forest and finding the way out, of small heroes overcoming big adversities, and of inspiring tales of courage and discovery have all been part of our common cultural legacies.

Congratulations to Dimity Powell and Nicky Johnston for creating
At the End of Holyrood Lane, as it is timely in sending a message of hope to a child witnessing the scourge of domestic violence in their family. Only in recent years has the scientific literature turned long overdue attention to the potential long-term trauma and adverse effects for little people who survive in homes where family violence is happening. At last, attitudes are changing and the tide is starting to turn against family violence. Part of this change will include children seeking help directly when the adults in their life are unable or unwilling to protect them.

The increased awareness of domestic and family violence is already having a powerful effect in which victims and entire communities are now taking action to call it out and end it. The idea of instilling within children a sense of self-empowerment through teaching protective behaviours is also gaining traction. Children’s books such as this have a role to play in the process of helping a child, through metaphor and subtle example, to gain some understanding and in encouraging them to seek help at an early stage.

Best wishes to Dimity Powell and Nicky Johnston in publishing this book.

Gary E. Poole SE QLD Regional Director Act for Kids
Gary E. Poole is a registered psychologist with 30+ years experience in leadership of child health services in five countries. Since 2015 Gary has served as Southern Queensland Regional Director for Act for Kids, and for ten years prior was CEO of RASNZ, the specialist trauma refugee health agency receiving all UNHCR quota arrivals at the National Refugee Centre at Auckland, From 2004-2006 Gary led the development of child health services and commissioning of hospitals in Badhakshan and Baglan Provinces in Afghanistan in UN funded initiatives.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Educate Empower End - Highlights from Holyrood Lane and RizeUp Australia

'RizeUp Australia is a community-driven organisation of passionate men and women, dedicated to supporting the many families affected by domestic and family violence.'


Rizeup Founder and CEO, Nicolle Edwards works tirelessly to re-home, re-educate and assist those affected by abuse with special emphasis on the children involved in home violence and the associated upheaval. She actively seeks news ways to reach out and touch victims hoping to connect with them and support them in positive ways.

I am gratified beyond measure that she regards my picture book, At The End of Holyrood Lane a useful way of reaching out to those in need. Thank you Nicolle and RizeUp for your unqualified support and selfless work. Here is what she has to say.
At The End of Holyrood Lane illustrations by Nicky Johnston
'At The End of Holyrood Lane is a beautiful story about a little girl who is terrified by the storm that chases and scares her but when Flick reaches out for help she finally becomes safe and the sunshine comes out. Dimity Powell should be commended for the gentle way in which she approaches the challenges faced by so many children growing up in a house of violence. RizeUp is proud to support Dimity and her beautiful story and we are sure it will touch the lives of so many children and their parents in a positive way.'

Those coming along to the official book launch of Holyrood Lane in Brisbane next month will be fortunate enough to hear Nicolle speak. Entry is free.


Thursday, 9 August 2018

Repost Kids' Book Review: Video: Oliver Jeffers Picture Book Maker

I adore Oliver Jeffers' work. His wit. His panache. His story. Respect.

Enjoy this repost from Kids' Book Review by Sarah Steed.

 I did.

Which comes first, the words or the pictures? Oliver Jeffers, the illustrator of much-loved picture books like The Day the Crayons Quit , Imaginary Fred and The Hueys series, tells us about his creative process.

Oliver Jeffers has sold over 10 million picture books and won
numerous awards, including The Ragazzi Award for Fiction, The New York
Times Best Illustrated Books, Smarties Award, Irish Book of the Year,
The Red House Book Award, British Book Design Award, and The Blue
Peter Book of the Year.

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