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Monday, 27 February 2017

Love Revealed - The Fix-It Man Blog Burst

I mustn't give too much away. There are enough marvellous revelations about The Fix-It Man today as it is thanks in huge part to our sensational collection of Blog Bursting hosts. However, in the essence of a short sweet bubble burst, here are a few insights that didn't make their final cuts.

Inspiration for:

A baby, a bowl, a daddy and many, many tubes of Superglue

First draft generated:

April 2014

Number of drafts and rewrites:


Number of title changes:

None -truly

Number of thank you cards I would have to send to those who helped get this baby off the ground, before it was published:

At least eight, not counting the husband who kept working to feed us throughout my creative confinement.

Ante-publication awards won:

Kids' Book Review Unpublished Picture Book Manuscript Award 2013 - shortlisted. Now that it has a real cover and pictures, it might win some more.

Location of author when the contract confirmation call came through...finally:

Westfield car park attempting a one handed reverse park with less than one nugget of mobile battery power left. It was a herculean achievement, not side swiping parked cars, accidentally taking out an OAP or blubbing into the phone but I managed, as you do with significant life moments.

Amount of consultation between Nicky (illustrator) and I about the text / illustration fit:

None - in the sense that Nicky was spectacularly brilliant at divining my exact intentions. She just seemed to intuitively get the emotion and meaning of the narrative.There was very little deviation from her first roughs to finals in terms of ideas and symbolism used. There was, however a lot of delicious discussion over a multitude of details; the type of tiny, easy to miss yet potently significant things that little readers have a real eye for.

Days until publication release:

Three 😀

Number of launch celebrations: 

Three (rule of three 😉) View them all, here.

Real life encounters with the illustrator, Nicky Johnston:

Three (we think). Nearly all of The Fix-It Man collaboration was done through emails.

One word summation of the entire process of creation for The Fix-It Man:

Sweet Deliverance (okay that's two, but so is Blog Burst)

To unearth more scintillating insights about our new picture book (including Nicky's works-in-progress post), please join the party. Pop into these beaut Blog Sites, today. Be sure to say hi from me. 

Monday, 20 February 2017

Bursting with Excitement - An invitation to bubble

In little over a week, The Fix-It Man will officially enter the much venerated world of picture books. And I couldn't be more proud. I feel as intoxicated with joy and fulfillment as a six-year-old in a jelly bean factory.

It's difficult to bottle such excitement - why would you want to? So to mark the publication of our first book baby together, Nicky Johnston and I are throwing a wee party to which you are ALL invited.

It's not a month long Blog Tour, or insanely hectic Blog Blast even. 

It's a baby BLOG BURST featuring some of our favourite Bookish Blog sites and buddies. 


Feel free to float back and forth between these fantastic sites for information on the book, insights on the creators (us 😊), and reviews. 

Come join the party. We can't wait to meet you there.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Sharing the Love

While it's been hot enough here to melt the toenails off an elephant, I'm looking forward to cooling my heels and chilling out with a room full of glacial bright and beautiful stars this Friday.

Book Links QLD's inaugural Romancing the Stars Gold Coast night is all set to kick off at the All Saints Anglican School from 6.30 pm.

Tickets are still available via Try Booking - visit the site, here to make one and for the full details.

Do you know a young person who can't get enough of children's books? Someone who loves the art of story and writing or perhaps there's a budding artist in your life itching to see how real life book illustrators do it. Then bring them along, too. Children are welcome for the discounted price of $25.

Not only will they and you get to 'speed date' dozens of children's book creators like myself, but there will be games, raffles, books signings, yummy things to tuck into and, joy of joys, AIR CONDITIONING.

Similar events are taking place in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, as well.

So, to extend the joy of Valentine's Day and share the love of literature, be sure to join us.