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Trail Blazing ~ An Introduction to Book Trailers

First cab off my rank at this year's CYA Conferencein Brisbane, was an Introduction to Book Trailers by exciting Children's Author and Presenter Tristan Bancks.

 I'd been hearing plenty of who ha recently about the necessity of creating Book Trailers, and having viewed a few, was naturally curious as to what all the furore was about. Tristan presented a very straightforward over view of the importance, creation and role of Book Trailers for we literary folk. Here are some of the main points to consider if you are contemplating this form of promotion.

A Book Trailer should be all about bringing a story aliveVisually.

It is essentially  an Animated Blurb of your book; the vehicle with which a story is brought alive visually.

They can be about YOU or YOUR BOOK. You may not have a published work to share yet but could just share yourself.

Tristan's Intro trailer featuring Max Slater HuntsThe Cool
Book Trailers should include:

- An Introduction: in order to connect authors wi…

That was then. This is how...I've changed?

Does time really have the restorative abilities to salve all hurts, tame desires, or alter one's beliefs? Can time really change a person? Or is it what transpires within the passing of time that causes change? That which we call, ageing? The answers to these philosophical musings will not be found here. I barely realise there's been a passing of years; too busy barrelling head on into tomorrow to register now properly, let alone thank yesterday for all that it provided. That was then, this is now, but there once was a time.....

About two decades ago.....

* I shared my zeal for life and empty ramblings, taste in music and love of the sun, with friends on the beach, by the bar, in the night club or in a letter. We roamed in loud, raucous, carefree groups. We laughed and cried...together.

* We immerse ourselves in individual, insular enjoyment; trainloads at a time, delirious with devices. We ignore our parents' advice and talk happily and randomly to strangers, …

My Apprenticeship

As they roll up the banners for another year, after a month during which nearly every Children's Literary Festival and Writing Festival took place, as the buzz within and around me slowly dissipates into the stratosphere, I reflect on what was another sublime cluster of highs in My Writer's Story. I prefer story to journey because I have always felt life, while an incredible trip at times, is broken into equally as incredible chapters.
The latest chapter featured my attendance at this year's CYA Conference for Children and Young Adult Writers and Illustrators. The one day, all you can fit in conference for Alligators (grown up writers) was a phenomenal program of success stories, informative sessions, hands on workshops and master classes. Perhaps the highlight of the day for many an aspiring writer or illustrator was the opportunity to pitch their manuscripts and artwork face to face with industry representatives from such  renowned publishing houses as Walker Books, Har…

Random Acts of Publicity # 2

Couldn't resist squeezing in another RAP before it ends this week. In order to add a little Aussie flavour to the mix, I've chosen one of my all time favourite children's picture books, "Dimity Dumpty The Story of Humpty's Little Sister" by renowned Australian author and illustrator, Bob Graham. He really needs no introduction having written and illustrated dozens of children's books, earning him multiple awards and literary acclaim. His latest book, "April Underhill, Tooth Fairy" was short listed for the 2011 Prime Minister's Literary Awards.
I love this gorgeous picture book for so many reasons. Here are just some of them:
1.) It's always nice to see you own name in print even if it is just the title of someone else's book.
2.) Bob Graham is home grown Aussie talent.
3.) Dimity Dumpty unashamedly features chickens. I love chickens.
4.) The expiry date on the Humpty's travelling 'egg carton' caravan holds special significanc…

Random Acts of Publicity 2011

I'm a firm believer in Support the Supporters and what better way to apply this belief than in this week's Random Acts of Publicity 2011 event hosted by
Darcy Pattison .

The idea is simple, promote a friend's (latest) book or even you favourite book by blogging about it, talking about it, reviewing it and of course encouraging others to READ it.

There is a veritable plethora of superb children's books, including picture books, crafted by skilled and gifted authors and illustrators, all worthy of mention but for me to list them all would bust my blog. So I decided to think on a local scale and am proud to beat the drum for fellow Gold Coast Children's Author and Illustrator Angela Sunde and her debut children's book, POND MAGIC.
Pond Magic is a humorous little tale fresh from the Aussie Chomps Series by Penguin that is so incredibly popular with kids. It's bursting with originality, the scent of garlic, handsome princes and the sort of pre-teen angst that is d…

7th Katheen Julia Bates Writing for Children Competition

I don't know if it's that time of year or if the stars just happen to be in good alignment. The air is thick with the Literary Festival, Writing Conference, and Award Vibe. It's as challenging to cope with as a lungful of wattle blossom but every bit as beautiful to behold and far more exciting to be part of.
So what better way to launch myself into this weekend's CYA Conference for Children's Writers and Illustrators than by being Short Listed in the 7th KATHLEEN JULIA BATES WRITING FOR CHILDREN MEMORIAL COMPETITION with my Picture Book entry 'Rainforest Magic'? The competition is conducted by Di Bates of Enterprising Wordsin conjunction with their popular and invaluable e-zine publication, Buzz Words Magazine. It's an absolute honour to have my manuscript judged as worthy of a Top Ten Placing in this year's comp. Plus it fills me with enough warm fuzzies to approach my CYA Pitch with a winning smile...well at least on the inside.

Marshall Allan Hill Children's Writing Award

Thrilled to discover that one of my short stories for children was shortlisted for the Marshall Allan Hill Children's Writing Award 2011 Competition. This annual award is conducted by Jelli Beanz Publishing who focus on short stories and poetry especially for children.

"Voice of Winston", is a humourous little tale about one girl surmounting her fears in the pool with the help of an over talkative mozzie. It didn't quite win this year but has given me plenty of warm fuzzy feelings to 'just keep swimming.'

Keep an eye out on my Kool Kidz page for it some time soon!