Marshall Allan Hill Children's Writing Award

Thrilled to discover that one of my short stories for children was shortlisted for the Marshall Allan Hill Children's Writing Award 2011 Competition. This annual award is conducted by Jelli Beanz Publishing who focus on short stories and poetry especially for children.

"Voice of Winston", is a humourous little tale about one girl surmounting her fears in the pool with the help of an over talkative mozzie. It didn't quite win this year but has given me plenty of warm fuzzy feelings to 'just keep swimming.'

Keep an eye out on my Kool Kidz page for it some time soon!


Unknown said…
Awesome News Dimity!
DimbutNice said…
Thanks Renee. It didn't win this time round but I'm quite happy being the bridesmaid on this ocassion! See you soon.
That's incredible news Dimity - CONGRATULATIONS!!!
See you soon :)
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DimbutNice said…
Ta muchly Charmaine. Looking forward to seeing you again and swapping notes!

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