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Love Revealed - The Fix-It Man Blog Burst

I mustn't give too much away. There are enough marvellous revelations about The Fix-It Man today as it is thanks in huge part to our sensational collection of Blog Bursting hosts. However, in the essence of a short sweet bubble burst, here are a few insights that didn't make their final cuts.

Inspiration for:

A baby, a bowl, a daddy and many, many tubes of Superglue

First draft generated:

April 2014

Number of drafts and rewrites:


Number of title changes:

None -truly

Number of thank you cards I would have to send to those who helped get this baby off the ground, before it was published:

At least eight, not counting the husband who kept working to feed us throughout my creative confinement.

Ante-publication awards won:

Kids' Book Review Unpublished Picture Book Manuscript Award 2013 - shortlisted. Now that it has a real cover and pictures, it might win some more.

Location of author when the contract confirmation call came through...finally:

Westfield car park attempting a one h…