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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Invitation: Think Equal Film and Fundraising Night

I first met Leslee Udwin overseas last year and caught of glimpse of her provocative film, India’s Daughter. It moved me beyond words. As does Leslee’s immense spirit and drive.

She is a phenomenal speaker and ardent believer in making change happen – through Think Equal.

She also personally endorsed At The End of Holyrood Lane* for Nicky Johnston and I and is actively pursuing Kids’ Lit creators in an attempt to initiate change in the very young through powerful, persuasive storytelling.

I am heartened to see that this is happening.

If you get a chance to hear her speak, please consider going and supporting this immense cause.

If you can’t maybe take a moment to listen, read and explore more and then please pass this onto to all and sundry. It is so very very important.


Leslee Udwin, a BAFTA Award-winning filmmaker made the documentary :India's Daughter which won multiple awards (including the Peabody) and sparked a movement to stop violence against women and girls. 

Not content with awareness, Leslee then left filmmaking to devote herself entirely to the action-based solution to the root cause of violence which the film vividly and clearly lays bare. She founded and leads the not for profit organisation THINK EQUAL which is teaching equality, social and emotional intelligence and and responsible citizenship to Early years children.

Please do come and see the film and hear Leslee talk about the Think Equal after the screening.

The proceeds from ticket sales will go 100% towards funding the pilot programme of THINK EQUAL in Melbourne pre-schools in February 2019.

Please click on image to book tickets.


* I think…the poetry and vivid use of language is exciting and will encourage creativity and love of language in young children. Above all, Dimity’s skills in and focus on mediating social and emotional skills and competencies to children, will encourage them to see help in dark times and help them to navigate through stormy weather and understand that it pass.
Leslee Unwin CEO Founder Think Equal