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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Low down on the Inside Story

It's the Queensland Writers Week this week and it while would be nice to add to the small glut of words being written and celebrated, it's a question of needs must first and I must tell you about this...

Question: what authors and illustrators including; Christine Bongers, Pamela Rushby, Stephen Axelsen, Katherine Battersby, Judy Paulson, Michelle Worthington, Julie Nickerson, Christina Bollenbach, Angela Sunde, Candice Lemon-Scott, Jennifer Poulter and Dimity Powell have in common?

Surprisingly, it's not a cryptic fascination for green clothes pegs, although I find them personally alluring.

Answer: we are all part of The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators' inaugural, world-wide, multi-festival styled event - the Inside Story. It's going to be so fantastical that if there was a SCBWI chapter on the moon, the Inside Story would be taking place there too.

It's FREE. It's FUN. And it's coming to a specialist book shop near you. For Queenslanders, that's the Black Cat Cafe and Book shop in Paddington, Brisbane on Saturday 2nd November. Here are the essentials for you to remember.

The Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators in conjunction with specialist bookshops launch across the world
Where children’s authors and illustrators give insights into
the inside story of creating their books.
Meet & be entertained by Queensland’s loved and acclaimed
children’s authors & illustrators.
MC author Angela Sunde will host:
Pamela Rushby, Stephen Axelsen, Katherine Battersby, Julie Nickerson, Samantha Wheeler, Dimity Powell, Christina Bollenbach, Judy Paulson, Michelle Worthington, Candice Lemon-Scott, Christine Bongers, Jennifer Poulter and so much more… balloons, book signings, cakes, prizes and the chance to chat with authors & illustrators in a
Free, Fun & Fantastic Event!
When:  10 am  Saturday 2nd November 2013
179 Latrobe St, Paddington Qld 4064 Phone : (07) 3367 8777 Fax : (07) 3367 2223 Email : info@blackcatbooks.com.au
INSIDE STORY will be also happening on 2nd November at The Children’s Bookshop Beecroft in Sydney, and The Little Bookroom in Melbourne in Australia.  

If you've ever wanted to find out more about the stories behind our stories, this is your chance. 
It promises to be as fascinating as bright green clothes pegs.