Random Acts of Publicity 2011

I'm a firm believer in Support the Supporters and what better way to apply this belief than in this week's Random Acts of Publicity 2011 event hosted by
Darcy Pattison .

The idea is simple, promote a friend's (latest) book or even you favourite book by blogging about it, talking about it, reviewing it and of course encouraging others to READ it.

There is a veritable plethora of superb children's books, including picture books, crafted by skilled and gifted authors and illustrators, all worthy of mention but for me to list them all would bust my blog. So I decided to think on a local scale and am proud to beat the drum for fellow Gold Coast Children's Author and Illustrator Angela Sunde and her debut children's book, POND MAGIC.

Pond Magic is a humorous little tale fresh from the Aussie Chomps Series by Penguin that is so incredibly popular with kids. It's bursting with originality, the scent of garlic, handsome princes and the sort of pre-teen angst that is definitely not assuaged by having your face turn green. A modern, french stylised fairy tale, well worth having a taste of.

I can't wait to consume more from this talented writer. C'est magnifique Angela.

And viva la RAP.


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