Random Acts of Publicity # 2

Couldn't resist squeezing in another RAP before it ends this week. In order to add a little Aussie flavour to the mix, I've chosen one of my all time favourite children's picture books, "Dimity Dumpty The Story of Humpty's Little Sister" by renowned Australian author and illustrator, Bob Graham. He really needs no introduction having written and illustrated dozens of children's books, earning him multiple awards and literary acclaim. His latest book, "April Underhill, Tooth Fairy" was short listed for the 2011 Prime Minister's Literary Awards.

I love this gorgeous picture book for so many reasons. Here are just some of them:

1.) It's always nice to see you own name in print even if it is just the title of someone else's book.

2.) Bob Graham is home grown Aussie talent.

3.) Dimity Dumpty unashamedly features chickens. I love chickens.

4.) The expiry date on the Humpty's travelling 'egg carton' caravan holds special significance for me. It's the birth date of my daughter.

5.) Dominic Dumpty, Dimity's father, made her a little silver flute. I still have my silver flute, but play with less finesse than Dimity D.

6.) Hot chocolate is one of my favourite beverages and is used beautifully to describe the sweet pleasantness of Dimity's flute playing.

7.) The simple illustrations are brimming with clever detail, colour and subtle visual narrative, which evokes all the charm and thrills of life as a circus carney.

8.) Dimity Dumpty is a jolly expansion on the well known traditional nursery rhyme, Humpty Dumpty, high lighting the story of Humpty's lesser known, shy, yet resourceful little sister, his family's involvement in the world of a travelling circus and some of Humpty's own more dubious short comings. Fortunately for Humpty, both he and Dimity, live to fulfil each of their own dreams much to the delight of all around them.
Bob Graham
Bob Graham's Dimity Dumpty may not need extra plugging but it certainly deserves its place on our bookshelf. What about yours?


Now I want a new author pic with my dogs - no, wait, his look better behaved.
Great choice of picture book :)
Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers
DimbutNice said…
ROTFL! I think Border Collies shoot well. But they always look smarter than me...so perhaps not. Not sure an author shot of me and a chook would shake peoples' world do you?

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