Inaugural Post

Greetings one and all (lucky if I do get one reader!) Welcome to my first ever post. Scary stuff this setting sail into the world of Blogdom plying through never before chartered waters but terribly exciting too. I invite anyone who is interested in reading, writing, children's lit and all the wonderful floatsam jetsam associated with it to comment and get in touch. I often take up a great deal of time and space not saying much so am eager to hear from others who are established kids authors, illustrators, industry personnel, keen readers or like me brilliant butterflies about to emerge any day now from their unknown cocoons...


BookChook said…
Greetings from another brilliant butterfly! I am also a logophile, and love children's literature.
DimbutNice said…
Thanks Chook! (meant in the nicest possible way) Good to hear from you. Look forward to scratching around the book shelves with you in the not too distant future.

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