Time to Bolt

The Rabbit Hole. A simple concept concocted by Kate Eltham of the Queensland Writers Centre to encourage us to peel ourselves off the couch, stop making endless cups of coffee and actually finish those WIPs. The aim is to write 30,000 words (you can set your own Word Target) in 3 days or at least type THE END. Kate is calling for all procrastinators, those who've run out of bottom adhesive and any other insane individuals up for the personal challenge to join her at QWC in Brisbane on Friday 8 July, Saturday 9 July and Sunday 10 July. You can also join in online, add your own updates and stay connected via a special QWC Facebook Page. You'll need to supply your own laptop and food in both instances. Sound like the motivation you need? Register now by emailing RabbitHoleWriting@gmail.com
After all it is the Year of the Rabbit. What better way to celebrate than with a completed manuscript. See you down there...


Sounds like a great challenge - I doubt I could do that many words in so little time, but will certainly have a look. Thanks!
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DimbutNice said…
You're welcome.I think the aim is to focus so intently on the task at hand, your words will have little choice but to concentrate themselves on your page. The results may not be instantly spectacular but they will at least be on paper.Good luck!

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