It's Not Easy Being Seen (or Green)

Revered author Markus Zusak once pondered on the question, "Would you still write your book even if you knew it had no chance of publication?"

A similar query was raised at my Writers' Group today; "Are we still honestly hoping to be published authors one day or do we just write for the love of it?"

My emphatic reply was akin to Markus', "Yes. Definitely. World wide domination for me, thank you very much."

Markus emphasised that writing should be a fun experience, playing with words and enjoyable even if those words are full of darkness and horror. He stressed (that for him) being a writer had nothing to do with being published. Telling his story was far more essential and I suppose satisfying.

For those who are still fairly 'green' but inching ever skyward ready to burst through that low lying cloud of rejections any day now, for those 'developing', for those 'established' but keen to survive the next season, the purpose of why we write is not always clear.

For me it's a complex recipe of reasons. I find it cathartic. I write to share, inform, entertain. And there is of course that small part of me screaming out for acknowledgement; a need to be recognised and remembered for creating something memorable.

OK, maybe I'm not seeking world domination. Publication would be the blossoms on my tree. But like Markus (and I'm not comparing myself to His Holiness in any way), I'd still write because I honestly just like messing around with words.

Would I still write, knowing that I'd never be published? Yes I would. What about you?


Absolutely. Most of my life I did write stories without any aim of making them into books or even to allow any other eyes to see them - I would have been mortified if someone read them! I wrote just for my pleasure. I am proud however that now I write to be read, those early stories were just for me and I hid them away (my early poetry SHOULD be kept hidden away - ick!).
Now I write my stories and I want people to read them, so once written I share them widely - that twas a big step. My confidence is growing and I feel ready to produce stories for publication.
So I think write for yourself, but write for readers too (they're very nice people!) :)
DimbutNice said…
Good on you Charmaine! Crossing that bridge is truly liberating thing. I remember when I started this writing odyssey, I used to feel almost embarrased to admit that I write.....try to I muttered. But now I actually offer the information, head held high and enjoy sharing people's reactions. And yes we shouldn't forget our readers bless them!

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