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Have it on good advice that to get ahead in this game one must become socially aware, media savvy, globally out there. OK. So set up various means of communicating with the Occupants of the Globe. Alright. Now spend countless hours delving in Occupants' thoughts, opinions, advice and more overwhelmingly, their observations about what a glorious day it is outside.

Being a bit old fashioned I still like to actually get outside, linger in a pool of weak winter sunshine and write about it in my diary. To no one. Writing to no one is wonderfully cleansing and pressure free. But alas once the sun sets I find myself here again, writing about not writing to an audience for the Occupants of the Globe.


Because I'm human. And we humans seem to love to Share, EVERYTHING, whether the other Occupants of the Globe want it or not. It's a basic built in survival technique. What's the point of being the only Chimpanzee left in the world in a tree full of fruit? Better to let all your mates know about it and continue on as a whole species to the next fruit tree.

Writers are of similar ilk. It's rare we don't share counsel and anecdotes with one another. Convincing all the Occupants of the Globe to read your take on Planet of the Apes is far easier if you share the book shelf with your mates and their tales of Apes Behaving Badly, the theory being, similar, creates interest, creates like, leads to want, results in a need that must be met.

So what are you? The Caring Sharing type who spends every ounce of energy describing to the Occupants of the Globe what the mountain looks like from the base at which you stand but will never properly leave.

 Or The High Achiever type intent on reaching the pinnacle before any other Occupant no matter what the cost.

Or somewhere in between like me, still On The Way Up. Eager to reach the summit but mindful to stop along the way and relay the views now and then.
Whatever your views on Social Awareness or the Climb to Success, one thing is for certain. Sometimes you just can't beat sitting in a pool of warm winter yourself.


Katrina Germein said…
There is nothing better in the world than just sitting alone in the sun.
DimbutNice said…
Too true Katrina. Except maybe doing it with a nice warm cuppa and jam drop.
Renee Taprell said…
It's freezing today so your post about writing in the sun with a cuppa and jam drop sounds devine! It's always lovely to read what you share on your blog :-)
DimbutNice said…
Likewise Renee. Just Tweeted to all to over look last Blog as sun appears to have forgotten to get out of bed today. Not getting much apparent heat from computer screen so off for that cuppa now!

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