Dear Budding Authors & Illustrators

One of the serendipitous side effects of conducting school workshops, is the enthusiastic emergence of creative talent. Following a week of Writing and Illustrating Workshops conducted by Angela Sunde and myself, many students of Coomera Rivers State School, have approached us keen to develop their ideas and launch their stories and illustrations upon the world at large.

Angela was able to assist with various suggestions where kids from 6 - 18 years of age can indulge in the art of creative story telling, poem writing and illustrating. We both strongly encourage children with a creative flare and a burning desire to take it further to check out these sites. They offer kids information about Writing events, Conferences and Workshops, Festivals and Competitions, all designed to show case and promote the work of young writers and illustrators.

If you know of any people who want their stories heard please feel free to pass these onto them.

This is merely a start. Keep an eye out for more and keep on Loving Books!


Madmother said…
Thanks for this. Boy 1 is still working on his illustrated children's book (and his mother is trying to keep her interfering conrtol freak self out of it).

I will show him the links.
Great links here. My girls will get to attend the CYA next year... because we're all moving back up to Brisbane at the end of this school year. Very excited :)
DimbutNice said…
Hi MM. You're very welcome! I was awed by the sheer grit and determination the students displayed. Sure not all want to be writers/illustrators but those that do are chasing it full speed. Delighted to help of course. Good luck to B 1. It's hard as Mum not to interfer with anything they do!
DimbutNice said…
Charmaine, that's awesome news (for your girls and yourself). Can't wait to hear the details when we see you in a couple of weeks' time. It's also just a tiny bit scary to hear and see that there is so much excellent talent in our youth. It's maddening that they can power point better than me, write better, draw better!!! Maybe they should throw a few workshops Ha.

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