New Page for the Young Ones

Kids keep me teetering along that fine line of complacency and wanting to do better. Their sense of logic, realism, fantasy and tender pragmatism somehow weaves into rich, satisfying life tapestries in ways I could never create with mere words, but try constantly to emulate. Their raw enthusiasm breathes life into art the same way coffee kick starts my tired brain. I simultaneously marvel and envy their crafty naivety. This also happens to be why I adore writing for them.

During recent Book Week Writing Workshops, when I asked students why they thought I might enjoy writing, the reply was often, "Because you like having fun." Yes. Who doesn't? Writing for kids is truck loads of fun.

One of the frequently asked questions I got asked (being not quite as well known as JK Rowling) was, "What have you written?" I garbled on about short stories for school magazines, picture books etc.

Hindsight being 100% correct and 100% useless meant I'd completely overlooked bringing along a copy of one of my published short stories to read to them. D'oh.

So with along with thanks to all the kids who helped highlight my shortcomings and strengthen my writing mojo, here is a page especially for you, Kool Kidz Stuff. It includes excerpts of An Eggspensive Venture, a short story which was in NSW The School Magazine Blast Off. Enjoy.

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