One World Many Stories

That's the theme for this year's Children's Book Council of Australia Book Week and it's on soon ~ 20 - 26th August 2011.

For me it's a time to not only promote children's literacy but a chance to celebrate and embrace the joy of reading. If children are our key to the future then the power of written information in its multifarious forms is the vehicle they must learn  to operate. With it they can venture anywhere, anytime and achieve anything.

There could never be too many stories to fill up this world. Don't be afraid to share yours, write one, enjoy one, draw one with a young person you know..... at any time. I'll be conducting fun workshops on writing picture books at a local primary school. Can't wait. Check out The Book Chooks ways to Celebrate Book Week. It's chock full of fantastic ideas and novel activities to get kids involved with the fun of fabricating with words, weaving new worlds and exploring their imaginations.


I can't wait to hear how your workshops go Dimity!
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DimbutNice said…
Can't wait to share them with you Charmaine. I won't be pod casting them or indeed recording them by any means though for fear of spreading my embarrassment and likely ineptitude to unsuspecting innocents.

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