Writers' Workshop Book Week 2011

Day Three of National Book Week 2011 and I've well and truly set sail on my Inaugural Writers' Workshop sojourn. I've always been thrilled to be part of workshops on anything of a literary nature, inevitably walking away with some new precious gem of knowledge on the craft of writing and renewed desire to continue turning pages.

Now the pencil is in an other's hand or rather hands. Who would have thought that conducting Writing Workshops could be so utterly enjoyable? Fun, is the best way I can describe my first foray into imparting to primary aged students of Coomera Rivers State School some of the finer nuances of Picture Book writing. Gruelling would be another. Six classes in under six hours was certainly not for the faint hearted but I would not hesitate to repeat the experience.

Any concerns about them not 'liking' the subject matter were quickly dismissed. All grades from Preppies to Year 7 sat enraptured as they were guided through typical picture book:
Storyboarding ideas

- Structure
- Idea creation
- Character Development
- Story Arc
- Story boarding

With the main aim of showing them that a love of stories will lead them to want to read more and more. And maybe even write or illustrate their own stories.

Heads down, tails up. CRSS Preps scribe away.

The Preppies aged 5-6 years, especially impressed me partly with their inherent malleability and partly because their imaginations are still so fresh and unfettered that ideas simply spilled out of their mouths straight onto the page.
Together we were able to create some incredible picture book story ideas.

Some of the older kids were so stimulated to develop ideas inspired by the workshops and the illustrating sessions by Angela Sunde that they have teamed up with fellow students determined to produce their very own book.

Admirable ambitions, which Angela and myself will endeavour to help them maintain by providing info on Literary Competitions designed especially for kids.

Should we be worried? YES. Should we be garnering yet more competition for ourselves. DEFINITELY YES. These young inspired writers SHOULD be our audience today and our welcome contemporaries in years to come.

I'm just grateful to have been part of this wonderful voyage.


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