Bedtime Stories for Children

There is nothing an author, fledgling or fully flown, likes better than to see their own name in print.
Well that's not 100% accurate in my book. I prefer to see my actual written words in print.
But to be perfectly clear; the thing that really rocks my boat, is having others see my words in print.

Which is why, when the good folk at Australian Women Online chose one of my short stories for inclusion on their dynamic online info hub as part of their Bedtime Stories for Children, my little heart lurched and pulsed with pleasure.

Read all about "Marcie's Green Eyed Monster" online. Print it out and share it with a small child you know or anyone who loves a wee story because there's nothing that would make this author happier than knowing her words have been seen and shared.
Oh, and feel free to let me know what you think. Please be gentle.

'Let us Read, and let us Dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.'



Dimity you are really blazing ahead! Well done hun, you work so hard on your craft and still busily help others. Off to read it now!
DimbutNice said…
So nice of you to say so Charmaine. Hope you like it or at least that your girls do!
R xx said…
Well done Dim - we're very proud of you! It was only a matter of time that you'd become a household name (you're already a name in our household, if that makes you feel even more special!). You've come a long way - good on you xx
Madmother said…
How very cool!

I am back working on my kid's book, even if it is only for my own self-satisfaction. As a regular reader (and not quite so regular commenter) would love you to tell me what you think (it is very much a public work in progress).

I know a lot of people hate links, and I try not to post them unless relevent. So sorry in advance if it annoys you.
Tania McCartney said…
I SO know what you mean about the heart race when something you pour your soul into is valued by others. It's a glorious feeling. It's also a glorious feeling knowing you feel this way about having your gorgeous story on AWO. I'm so chuffed. x
DimbutNice said…
Tania, you summed it up beautifully. It is exhalting but more so because it's what we all desire - to share our precious inner thoughts. I think it's brilliant AWO offers that opportunity to us gals out there on so many levels. So so proud to be part of this hub of giving and receiving. :-)
DimbutNice said…
Thanks Rhana. Hope it's a good name, not like Louie the Fly or anything Ha.
DimbutNice said…
Hi Madmother, So nice to know you are out there and reading away. Good on you for getting on with your book. Any progress is some progress in my book. I'd be happy to check out your link. Takes a lot to annoy this little black duck. Thanks for visiting.
Karen Tyrrell said…
WOOHOO! Fabulous news Dimity!!' I;m so happy for you. Off to read your story now.

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