Mother's Day in Review

Is it just me or is Mother's Day getting better as I age? Is this a natural phenomena that occurs as your children age? Am I more relaxed about the state of the kitchen after the 'We'll get breakfast for you" attempts?

Maybe it's the fact that the words hand written on her painstakeningly crafted card are more legible this year. It could be the fact that I actually don't mind sweetly scented gifts and homemade picture frames. Or was it because my plan to get out of the house and therefore divorce myself completely from the temptation to 'just finish this job...' went off like a charm, that my Mother's Day was so memorable?

It could have been the biting mountain air, the dazzling mosaic of auburn and amber autumn leaves, or the sublime buttery sunshine that filled my day with magic.

Personally, I think it was simply hearing, "Happy Mother's Day Mummy" repeatedly delivered by the very person who qualified me to enjoy it all in the first place.

For those mothers who had reason to celebrate, cherish and remember, hope yours was better than better too.


Mine was very nice thanks Dim, I wake up pretty early though and had to stay in bed (that's hard for me), I also had a note on my laptop telling me I could't open it. So I sat up and did some free writing exercises, then plotted out the holes in my WIP, then listened to a few podcasts about writing and publishing, then... the family got up and 'surprised' me with gifts and a cuppa in bed (they tried the breaky thing, but I can't eat food in bed, so I begged to be allowed to get up).
Was a nice day and I was spoilt, I was so relaxed after my big 'sleep in' I managed to overlook the little tiff the girls had over who was cooking my pancakes :)
DimbutNice said…
LOL! I'm not a breakkie in bed person either. So met them half way by having it in the lounge. Mmm pancakes...I settled for firm poached eggs but it was lovely. I wasn't quite as productive as you pre wake up time, but did snuggle back down in bed with a good book to the dulcet tones of 'where does mummy keep this?' 'have we got...' you get the idea ;-)

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