Progress Report

I am disappointingly not one of those writers that reports on each writing hurdle cleared. I am not given to mapping every new twist and turn I encounter on the wondrous sometimes ponderous path to publication, which is odd because I'm a natural over sharer.

It's not because I don't want to share the experience, impart the new found realisations, or confirm the actualities of nursing your precious manuscript into existence. It's more a case of me being just too busy living the dream...(which also explains the long draught between posts)

Plus I'm conscious of a few things:
  1. Success comes in many guises. Whilst getting your story to print is a wonderful ego boost and validation of your hard work, there hangs forever above the heads of most writers, the dreaded cloud of 'what if it really isn't good enough?' Will they all laugh at my deplorable writing style and tragic failure to connect with the reader? Will they even want to buy it? (Well they should - would make an excellent stocking filler.) Who exactly are they? Do they really matter?
  2. My take on proceedings won't necessarily be the same for everybody. How you approach the job of perfecting your novel, pruning your novel, and then promoting your novel, will depend greatly on whom you have helping you and your own abilities and expectations.
  3. That I should be supremely grateful for the opportunity of just sitting in the roller coaster car for the climb up this learning curve, because it may be a long time between rides. It is thrilling and I'm enjoying the view more than I thought I would.
Things I'm glad I did:
  1. Listened, watched, learned. Every single snippet of advice, no matter how repetitive or seemingly unconnected to my stage of writing over the past 5 years, was dutifully recorded, studied and practised, not always enough but all tucked away for future use. I can not over emphasise the importance of this. The more you know, the further you can go.
  2. Leapt into the swirling FB pond. There I said it. Honestly without the advent of social media, my progress would have been much slower, my opportunities far fewer and my phone bills ridiculous.
  3. Joined a writers' group. It's fun, informative and friendly. It keeps me honest.
There's more of course but if you want to know what the best part about fulfilling a publishing contract is so far, it's the fact that it physically and mentally forced me to get my manuscript up to standard. I cleaned, scrubbed and polished it in a way I quite possibly would not have done so vigorously had I no deadlines. It helps to be able to see the finish line. Because of this disciplined force of action, I discovered something wonderful quite by accident.

Writing is no longer on the peripheral of life for me. The more I do, the more I want to do. Suddenly I find myself wishing for a couple of days, nah go on, make it a week, on a sun drenched island, surrounded by nothing else than the urge to write (and a sun smart sarong of course). I am finally beginning to understand the urgent necessity some writers feel to - just write. And I like it. Although I'm sure life will slap me back into reality if I stray from too long it, it's a lovely wish to entertain.

And what about all that wretched publicity pushing that accompanies the launching of ones first novel? Well I'm absolutely loving it. For me it's a bit like the wedding I started planning when I didn't even have a suitor to marry yet (come on girls we all do it) Ideas, concepts, imagery, locations, colours, even food treats; they were always there floating around in my subconscious waiting patiently to  materialise.

And there we have it: The Three Ps

Patience, Practise, Perseverance = Progress

Publication is definitely more of a tortoise's race for me. But then I like it slow and steady...I get to see more on the way.


Karen Tyrrell said…
Hi Dimity,
loved reading your progress report and discovering what you're doing. Loved your 4 P's too. Good luck with the next stage of your publishing journey. Can't wait to read your books.
Karen :)
Madmother said…
Love it!

Even these small snippets of progress keep us in the loop. Don't stop!
Looking forward to your release! Awesome work Dimity.
Angela Sunde. said…
I can so empathise with the situation of being to busy with life to actually blog about it. Before blogs we had nothing to feel guilty about. Yes, my blog suffers from drought too. Can't wait for the launch - It's really happening! Going to be a hoot of fun fun fun!
DimbutNice said…
Cheers Karen. Lovin' the trip so far. Will keep you posted on more.
DimbutNice said…
Hey MM Thanks for popping by. Stay tuned, I'll be heading up the mountain (here she comes) late Nov for a launch. Hope to see you there if not before.
DimbutNice said…
On ya Charmaine :-D
DimbutNice said…
So true Angela...when I saw how much time elapsed, my heart skipped a guilty beat. But life is really happening - like the Launch Yipee. It feels like fun so far...did you get my update email??

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