Book Week Wrap Up

Another couple of weeks of brutalising the vocal chords, getting lost on school grounds, and forcing the breakfast routine at home to hurry along to ensure I make it on time to the next gig are drawing to a close. Ask any (children's) author or illustrator what compels them to make so many back to back engagements during various literacy promoting weeks like CBCA's Book Week and the National Literacy and Numeracy Week and you'll probably get a different answer every time.

  • Their agent asked them to.
  • Book Week is THE time to make school visits count.
  • It's a nice change to presenting at Festivals and Industry Seminars all the time.
  • It's a golden opportunity to reach out and connect with your actual target audience - The Kids.
  • It pays well - I actually made enough to cover the cost of a new magenta ink cartridge, once you subtract the chemist bills for all the medications needed to retain my voice.
  • They like the sound of their own voice (if they don't lose it) - reading their own words, because it sounds different reading in front of an audience as opposed to just reading out loud in front of a computer screen. Only computer screens don't break wind and fidget quite as much.
  • They like the daunting challenge of navigating their way around a never before visited school's car park, campus, reception area, IT set up.
  • They like the dimension school visits add to their author/illustrator profiles. I mean who wouldn't like being asked for their autograph. (must remember not to guffaw and look so surprised next time)
  • It helps accrue points on their frequent fliers program (if they're willing to visit schools outside their home turf)
  • It gives them a truly ultra special buzz to hear children react openly and honestly to their words, witticisms and wisdoms however ludicrously they may be portrayed.
  • It perpetuates the hope that they are making a difference to a child's life, their way of thinking, or their aspirations through the simple art of story telling.
I for one can vouch for these last two points. Because that is, after all, why I write for children. Here's a peek at what made my last two weeks so special.

Storyboarding ideas with pre Preppies always elicits a laugh or two...and not always because of my shoddy drawings. Thanks Bethlehem C & K.

Reading session on my home turf at Coomera Rivers State School for Literacy and Numeracy Week was made more fun thanks to some fantastic art work provided by creative genius James Picton.

Stay tuned for more great pics and stories to match...

Candice Lemon-Scott and yours truly celebrating the book.

Book Week at Queensland Independent College with fellow children's author Candice Lemon-Scott proved a huge hit with every student from 5 to 12 years.

We developed story streams and plots from our 5 Ideas Generation Exercise and came up with some outrageous stories.

I popped into Varsity College as well and was honoured to read in front of an enthusiastic gathering of Grade Three's. We were too enthralled with story telling and story swapping to get any happy snaps I'm afraid.

A couple of weeks well spent. If you have any special Book Week moments that you'd like to share or relay any that your child might have encountered, I love to hear them.


Jo-Ann S said…
well done, Dimity.
DimbutNice said…
Thanks Jo. Good to have you visit. Speak soon.
Looks like you had a blast, good for you!
DimbutNice said…
Can't deny it Charmaine.

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