Starting Fresh

I quit the gym this week. Not an earth shattering revelation but it was a harder thing to do than joining one.
After twelve loyal years of sweating it out and pounding the treadmill, I'm cutting the emergency stop chord free. And not without some reservations.

But at least it confirms that I do indeed belong to the human race; for I share the same two inherent dislikes that  most human beings have difficulty dealing with:
  • change
  • letting go
Perhaps though, it is time for a change. Reduced physical activity should tie in nicely with my renewed writing commitment; to apply bum glue, stay put and write more.

Okay, so not all life choices are wise ones. But not all in life is a matter of choice.


Hi Dimity. I'm the opposite at the moment - I so desperately need to get back into shape! Change and letting go can be difficult, but not when something is preventing you from reaching your goals. So glad to hear you're committed to your writing - something I can heartily agree with! Best wishes. :)
DimbutNice said…
G'day Debbie! Lovely to hear from you. I enjoy your blogs. Yes I'm a bit worried about how this change will pan out but am hoping gritty determination to stay healthy will no combat admirably against sweet treats and coffees at the writing desk.
Lately I've been running in the park more often than going into the gym anyway. You can keep fit without visits to the gym. Maybe neighbourhood walks would be better for writing inspiration! :)
DimbutNice said…
Too true Charmaine. I miss my walks, growing child and aging dog all helped kerb that habit. But you are right. Whenever I'm stuck for what to write, I go for a stroll and it somehow works itself all out. So it's back to nature for me. Thanks for the encouragement.
Aussiepam said…
Something has to give in our stressful busy lives and as long as you dont start eating as you contemplate the next book you will be fine :-) And as Charmaine said neighbourhood walks can only assist with your writing and your health. Take care
DimbutNice said…
Hi Aussiepm, so nice of you to pass by and thank you for your thoughtful comment. Not eating eh? Hmm, not sure it that's for me :-) But I will be embarking on the serious art of tea drinking to compensate ;-) Cheers Dimity

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