The Little Things

It's the tiniest, subtle changes in routine that an out of-work-husband being-at-home-all the time brings, that are creating the greatest disturbances.

His presence has noticeably shifted the fragile balance I fight so hard to maintain between creative household management and things of a writerly nature.

For instance; my laundry situation. I know, I know; it was a personal pact of mine to never air my dirty laundry socially, but now that the frequency of my coloureds load is compromised, now that my weekly wash routine is in complete disarray (I'm at a loss not having to wash drum-loads of uniforms), I feel compelled to explore the reason why.

And it is simply because he is here.

OK, maybe my problems are not that significant in the grand scheme of clean clothes management, but life-balance is a precious, delicate thing and when something like a stay-at-home-husband comes along and leans too heavily on one side of the scale, well, there's no telling where one's smalls will end up...


Madmother said…
Oh - I hear ya! We had to make some adjustments when it went from us having a retail store that Big Boy went to 6 days a week, and me in school hours 2 - 3 days a week,
to us working together in the generational family business and together 24/7!

But now, 8 months down the track, it runs pretty smoothly. Sometimes a minor derailment, but most days on schedule!

DimbutNice said…
Hi there MM! Great to hear from you again. Love it - minor derailment. Ha ha. Trying hard to avoid a complete train wreck ;-) Thanks. BTW, hope to see you up the mountain late Nov for my launch - M & G - t'would be lovely...
Jo-Ann S said…
Ahhh...the delicate balance of your delicates cycle. If it's unbalanced it throws your life into a spin. Then you'll be hung out to dry.

No use getting your knickers in a twist.

Ok, ok, I'll stop with the pun-ishment.
Anonymous said…
The trick is to make him do the all the washing. Free up more writing time!
DimbutNice said…
I like the way you think Lamellae. (I am so bad-forgotten your name :[) but still like your thought process just the same.

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