Governor of Queensland launches Christmas spirit

You may have seen the pictures. You may have read the book. For those who missed the official launch of PS Who Stole Santa's Mail? in Brisbane on Sunday, here is the speech that Her Excellency, the Governor of Queensland, Ms Penelope Wensley AC, gave to launch my new book.

An enthusiastic crowd packed into the Black Cat Paddington book shop and cafe to witness the birth of my first children's chapter book. Smiling kids and candy canes, snow and eventual sunshine were the order of the day spectacularly fulfilling the Christmas dreams of this little kids' author.

Excerpt from Her Excellency's speech:

Managing Editor, Morris Publishing Australia, Ms Elaine Ousten,
President, Book Links (Queensland), Ms Jenny Stubbs,
Owner, Black Cat Books and Cafe, Mrs Stephanie Hogan,
Author, Mrs Dimity Powell,
Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen, Girls and Boys.

As 2012 is the National Year of Reading and as I am Patron of Book Links Queensland, of the Queensland Branch of the Children's Book Council of Australia, and of several other organisations supporting the developmental needs of children, I am very pleased to be here today to talk about a children's book. 

I know, in this bookshop setting, I am preaching to the converted in emphasising how important it is for young children to be read to and, at the appropriate age, to learn to read and acquire the habit - and love - of reading.  But that is something that can never be said too often.  Reading or listening to good books is in itself a wonderful, stimulating and engrossing experience for children - and grown-ups too.  And there are crucial longer-term benefits, because high levels of literacy are so strongly connected with greater chances of success in work and in life.  

Today I am here to launch a book that I think will encourage children to read because it is great fun...

...I am sure you will all enjoy Dimity's book and Scott's drawings.  I thank all those others who have supported Dimity through the challenges of her first book, in particular Morris Publishing Australia.  I wish the book every success and hope there will be many more.

And now, as Governor and a committed advocate of the joys and benefits of reading for everyone, it is my great pleasure to launch PS: Who Stole Santa's Mail?, leaving you with three final ‘P words: please purchase the book.  It will make a wonderful Christmas present!

An honour and a pleasure to share my book with you all.


Rachel said…
Hi Dimity,

I would like to talk about your book and launch on my blog. Is it okay if I either reblog (have never done this before and don't even know if I can!! haha) your post or copy and paste a bit of your post? Let me know what you think. Have been following your blog tour. You have lots of great supporters.
Rachel x
DimbutNice said…
Hi Rachel, I am delighted that you'd like to consider featuring me and the book on your lovely blog site. Yes, please do repost or whatever. I'm glad you are enjoying the tour - it's fun. I always like learning more little snippets about my fave authors and illustrators. It's a real treat to be in the driver's seat for a change :-D Thanks for following too. Love your conversational and breezy posts by the way Dimity
Jo-Ann S said…
That is soooo impressive Dimity. well done.
DimbutNice said…
Thanks Jo. Fun too. It'll be you one day :-)

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