LOST - Has anyone seen my Free Time?

I'm not sure when Free Time packed her bags, turned her back on me and walked out the door. It might have been last month sometime in between the submissions, presentations and school projects. Maybe it was when I was hanging the washing out. It could have been while I was driving back from school. Or when I was attending a seminar somewhere. I am ashamed I didn't even notice, until now. It feels like I haven't seen her for a long long time. And I miss her.

If any body knows where she is, could you please pass on a message to her from me?

Tell her: I'm sorry. I'm to blame. It was all me, my neglect that caused her to leave. I'll try not to ignore her any more. Really I will. From now on, I'll make sure we unite, like we used to. We'll have fun again; go for long walks, light candles around the bath, like we used to. Listen to the family finish their stories, watch them, laugh with them, like we used to.

Tell her: I'll reserve more space for her at dinner table, try to be less frantic as I eat and think and move and breathe. I'll give her more time to be heard, properly.

Tell her: I promise to finish those projects we started to together a life-time ago. I promise to take her to see new places, get out more, make new discoveries. She used to love that. Remember hanging out in the garden, with the chooks? Fun times.

Tell her: I miss her. I need her. And I really do value her. It's just not the same without Free Time in my life.

Come back. Please.


Melissa Wray said…
I love this post! So true, so funny. It gave me a chuckle I needed, thanks.
DimbutNice said…
Pleasure Melissa. Great to see you here. One chap commented, he'd found it, stole it, used it. D'oh! Should have posted a reward for it. :-\
Hi Dimity, very well written! I hope she pays me a visit soon, I miss her too...
Thanks for visiting & liking my blog.
DimbutNice said…
Hi Belinda, pleasure to see you here. And no worries. I am really getting involved with your 'travel log' of sorts. Fascinating and taking me back a few decades...If I ever catch up with Free Time and discover she's been hanging with a friend, I'll be sure to call you and report. ;-)
Tania McCartney said…
We are peas in a pod! Maybe our Lost Times have run off together. x
DimbutNice said…
If they are off sharing chai lattes together some place, then I'm going be very very cross. Need her back. Stat !

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