No time for words

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Seeing as we are already well and truly on the home run to Christmas, and I've more than likely used up my thousand word quota on the preceding months, looks like you're going have to make do with this collection of pics to bring you up to speed on Dimity Powell - children's author (aka Dimity Powell - a fully self-funded, not for profit organisation). Scroll to your heart's content. Laugh out loud if you want. I won't hear it. Feel free to comment on the superb quality,composition and stunning content of the shots. Or not. Be thankful that I don't post copious, catch-up, look-what-I-did posts more frequently. (insert chubby cheeked smiley face). And so, the story thus far:

The Beginning (Feb - March)
Joined the welcoming fold of  the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

Went for the stimulating presentations and support... Peter Allert, stayed for the eats.

Visited a galaxy of stella writers, illustrators and supporters of kids lit with Book Links...

...romanced the stars with Andrew King and Richard Newsome

Shared more of the love (of books) during International Give a Book Day 14th February.

Still slightly starstruck at the Somerset Celebration of Literature
with Tiffany Hall...

and Andy Griffiths.

The Middle (April - July)
Attended usual quota of book launches but seriously happy to be allowed in the
kitchen with sensational Spoonbill creator and QLD Literary Award Winner
Narelle Oliver

Attended notable writing workshops and festivals like the Gold Coast Literati 
with Kari Gislason  heading the great Literati Debate - it doesn't matter what you read...or does it?

Oozing delight at the Books from our Backyard launch with the Queensland Writers Centre along
with others like Judy Paulson and Candice Lemon-Scott, in which my humble little book made it...

...into the State Library of Queenland's Writers Lounge. Yay...

...alongside many others.

Christmas came early at Books@Stones in July

 PS Who Stole Santa's Mail? got an airing at book shops,

and libraries.

Attended the CYA conference for children's writers and illustrators,
where they gave me a certificate for my writing,

and let me give a little talk about my degrees of success.
They seemed to like it.

The Ending - almost (August - October)

Hitting the pavements outside respectable book shops again.
Found lurking here at Big B Books during National Bookshop Day
with Candice Lemon-Scott and Vacen Taylor

Decided an outing to the Zoo was overdue.
Found one that exhibited words and art galore at the
Brisbane Writers Festival
An outing is more fun with friends.
I took some of mine from SCBWI. You can read all about it here.
Reading time = Fun time at the Zoo.

There were spaced-out aliens,

and scaly dragons.

Life-like sculptures,

and sublime scenery. Outings are good.

I took great leaps forward with my writing and small hesitant steps, but all kept me moving somewhere.
The Looking Glass, The Crock of Charms - captivating reads in which my words are captured.
I also became Short and Twisted, which is an advancement on just plain weird.
I applied for grants and fellowships and awards and finally convinced someone I was worthy of one. Now after receiving the CAL Creative Industries Career Fund I can officially bash my manuscripts into shape with the help of personal-trainer, mentor extraordinaire, Dee White. It's so much more meaningful sparring with someone else instead of  just your own thoughts.
Of course the year was choked with other trials, tribulations and triumphs too.
I returned to sea, for a brief but brilliant time (along with 1,999 others). I so miss the
aching beauty of  vast nothingness.

But time goes by...the last view of the turf at Parkwoods, erstwhile home to the Gold Coast Show.
If you made it this far, bully for you. Relax the worse is over. The best is undoubtedly yet to come...


Anonymous said…
Great photo's Dimity and what a wonderful journey, very proud to be a part of it. Peter.
DimbutNice said…
Pleased you're there with me Peter. Meeting people like you along the way makes these sorts of journeys so much more interesting and memorable. :-)
Elena Ornig said…
What a busy bee you have become, Dimity! So much energy and happiness in your life, writing and photographs. I am so happy for you and wish you the best!!! :-)
My warmest regards,
Elena Ornig
DimbutNice said…
Hey Elena. Thanks for popping by. Life only looks busy because I take so many photos Ha Ha. It's my way of remembering where I'm at and where I've been. :-)
Sam said…
Gorgeous photo re-cap of a wonderful year for you, Dimity!

Loved looking through it.

DimbutNice said…
Cheers Sam. They're all wonderful years when you look back on the good pics I guess. Thanks for sneaking a peak with me.
Rachel said…
You've had such a busy year and achieved so much. Well done with all your su ccess stories. Must have felt great seeing your book up there on the shelves in the State Library of Queensland!! Fantastic news about your mentorship with Dee White too.
Thanks for the invite to Tania's book launch on Saturday. There's nothing in the diary at the moment so here's hoping we can come!
DimbutNice said…
Thanks Rachel. It hasn't felt a busy as is looks thankfully but I still feel under-accomplished in many ways. Slowly slowly as they say. It will be beaut to see you this wkend if you can make it. Whoo hoo. :-D

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