Charming Christmas Ideas

Prepared to be Charmed!

Out now, just in time to plump up your Christmas stockings, the first two volumes in the charming new Crock of Charms series, a project conjured up by Sally Odgers and coordinated through Prints Charming Books.

This set of three anthologies features a delightful collection of children's stories, written especially for them by a dazzling line up of children's writers - including ME. Stories and volumes suit children aged 4 -14 years.  My story appears in Volume Two. Read it independently or as part of the full set. Each of the stories are linked by a storyline that flows through linking and embracing the stand-alone pieces by contributing writers.You don't need to start at the very beginning but the stories and poems included make for some very interesting and intriguing reads.

Imagine chancing upon a crock of charms and discovering the story behind each one. What does it all mean? 

This series is literally PACKED with dozens of stories, poems and illustrations and is guaranteed to please a variety of reading tastes and fire up your child's imagination. It was also buckets of fun to participate in. Contributing authors had to choose a charm and then, using it as a source of inspiration, write a children's story about it. Check out all the fantastic Puff Pages included in each volume to find out all about your favourite author or illustrator.

This was mine...A bronze peacock
I can't wait for you to sneak a peak at mine.

Click here for more details about the books and project or contact me direct if you'd like a hard copy sent to you, in time for Christmas and signed of course.


Anonymous said…
Hi Dimity,

Yes, I agree! I had a lot of fun participating. My story 'Little Blue Ted's Blankie' appears in Volume One. Robert Vescio
DimbutNice said…
Hi Robert, yes I read that one. I thought this was a tremendous idea and project. Already got a few orders in for the full set. Great stuff. More great stories getting out there for our kids. :-)
Anonymous said…
All three books are out now:-)
DimbutNice said…
Please note All three books in this trilogy are available now. Get them individual or as a fantastic set to enjoy for much much longer. :-)

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