Live the Dream - Meet the Legends - An Invitation

Original artwork by Ken Best
You've seen my last post telling you all about Story City, the exciting new FREE APP that takes you, the reader, to the very heart of the story, and allows you to quite literally smell the roses, or tread the pavement or in some harrowing cases, stave off mutant zombie cockroaches...well of course you have. Well, wait...there's more.

Story City is based on choose-your-own adventure style storytelling that has been re-imagined specifically for the digital age. Not only are the stories compelling, entertaining and informative with something for all ages to enthuse and drool over, they also encourage exercise, curiosity and discovery. Families can do the adventures together, as can tourists or those less familiar with the public spaces they reside in.

Tim Baker
An eclectic collaboration of local artists, musicians, voice-over talent and writers produce these amazing adventures and now you have the chance to MEET THE LEGENDS in person.

Here's some of the line-up:

Surfing Guru:                            Tim Baker
Comic Artist:                             Ken Best
Verbal Disc Jockey:                    Ben Brown
Cool tunes maestro:                   Jed Walters
Obligatory female kids author:    ME 

Jed Walters
Pop along to the: REaD Cafe, inside the Paradise Island Resort, 1 Paradise Island QLD.
Around:               6.00 pm
On the :               24th February
For the :              STORY CITY GOLD COAST LAUNCH
It'll set you back: Nothing. This is a free event but it's best if you could register your intention to come on the Facebook Event page so we can get the catering right. REaD Cafe boasts a full bar and extra yummy things can be purchased on the night if our nibbles don't fill the spot.

Art by Ken Best
This launch is to mark the advent of our Gold Coast stories going LIVE.
If you can't make it, don't worry...tune into ABC Gold Coast Radio 91.7 Drive Time with Matt Webber next Wednesday from 3 - 6 pm to hear me wax lyrical (with much waffling and spluttering) about all things Story City. could tune into Dim's Write Stuff. Over the next few weeks I'll reveal a bit more about the hows, whys and what fores that made up my Story City experience. It promises to be riveting stuff.

Can't wait to share the adventure with you.


DimbutNice said…
Cheers Corine! It's great you've managed to have a look at this. I'd love for you 'live' some of the stories, too. If you can't, not probs; you can still access them via the app and have a read. Enjoy and live the adventure. :-D

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