Overcoming Slump with Glenn Maxwell

Who would have thunk it? Career advise from a sportsman that makes sense (to a non-sportsperson).

T20 Player of the Year, Glenn Maxwell sums it up nicely. Apply these inspirational words of wisdom as necessary to your own; day, life, writing project, sporting event...I did.

Maxi's Top Tips:
  • Play to your strengths
  • Prepare early
  • Be patient
  • Be brave - don't be intimidated
  • Take the initiative - be confident and look for opportunities
  • Avoid over analysis- don't over think things, it can distract you from getting the little things right.
  • Take things slowly - try to stay relaxed and don't rush
  • Stay positive
  • Be selective 
  • Keep your eye on the ball - don't lose sight of your goals

 ‘Sometimes if you concentrate only on trying to do big things, you end up forgetting the small stuff that’s really important.’

  Wise words, Maxi. I think I have a new hero... If you want to discover more about   Glenn Maxwell or his cricket inspired series of mid-grade novels for kids, check out my review post, here.


Norah said…
It is good advice with wide application. Thanks for sharing Dimity. :)
DimbutNice said…
Absolutely, Norah. Thanks for reading. :-)
Jo-Ann S said…
Hi Dimity,
I think I need inspiration...thanks for posting. Wise advice, as always!
DimbutNice said…
Thanks, Jo. If only I could heed them once in a while. You are inspirational, don't lose sight of it. D x

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