New Year's News - Sneaking a peak at what's to come

The race to Christmas felt more frenetic than a skyful of reindeer on a gingerbread sugar rush so in an extreme effort to replace the usual SE Queensland Christmas glitter and heat, I headed overseas to the only equatorial city on earth that could celebrate Christmas with even more glitter and heat, Singapore.

Not as bad a choice as you may think. There were sites a plenty to keep us goggling well into the fairy-light encrusted evenings, cheap local delights to banish every sensation of hunger, and enough chilled department stores pumping out Michale Buble carols to remind us what time of year it was.

But 'dreams and schemes and holidays must always have an end' and as another summer of  magnificent holidays melts into a new school term and a new full year, I pause for thought. There's a heck of a lot about to happen and a lot that has already happened in Dim's world of words. Here are some of the more 'wow factor' ones that it's about time I made a bit of a big deal about:

  • The Chapel of Unlove scored a Shortlisting for the Western Australian Premier's Book Award 2016. Hurrah for digital narrative and Story City. 😁
  • Concrete Boots won first prize in the Charlotte Duncan Awards 2016. Years of practice finally paid off. 😌
  • Circus School becomes part of Virgin Australia's inflight children's entertainment program (February 2017) as part of the Kindergo App launching this year. The first picture book manuscript I ever penned will finally see the light of day...a 1000 miles high at least.🎪
  • Virtually Yours becomes my first published YA (short) story published as part of the Lodestone anthology for teen readers. 💫
  • The Asian Festival for Children's Content invited me to participate in their Writers' and Illustrators' conference in May this year. Look out Singapore, here I come...again. 😄
  • Greenleaf Press embraced me as part of their new line up of talent. My first Kinderfest presentation for them is later on this year.👼
  • Kids Book Review appointed me as their new Managing Editor. Lordy lordy. I could not be surrounded by more glorious kids' lit or people who adore it if I tried. 😊
  • And last but not least (it is still only January), my first picture book baby, The Fix-It Man has arrived. 😂😀 It's officially available in March and you are all invited to come to one or more or all of any of the events illustrator, Nicky Johnston and I are throwing to marvel at and caress it as much as we do, because that's how new book love works. Click on the images below for a sneak peak of the book trailer, some of Nicky's artwork and some of the dates we've got locked in so far. 
    The Fix-It Man Book Trailer
Nicky and Dimity appearing here
Click on this invitation to view more event dates


Norah Colvin said…
Congratulations, Dimity. What wonderful successes. Persistence does pay off. I'll have to travel Virgin to view your book app! I thoroughly enjoyed The Fix-It Man Trailer. Looks like an awesome book. Can't wait to get my copy. Best wishes. N.
DimbutNice said…
Ah Norah, you are a treasure and worthy recipient of my picture book. :-D I love your love of story and can't wait to share more with you. And yes, tenacity is key.
Sandy Fussell said…
What an amazing January. Go you!!!
DimbutNice said…
Yes, Sandy, it's been rather wonderful so far. Thanks for geeing me up. :-D

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