Books Shaping the World - AFCC Sessions Part 7

Robyn Soetikno and Dimity
One of the highlights of the Asian Festival of Children's Content 2017 for me was the honour of moderating a number of sessions for other conference presenters. Through the pre-requisite to understand their topics and their associated backgrounds with Kids' Lit better, I was able to forge some truly rewarding relationships with people from Thailand, Singapore and, in the case of Robyn Soetikno, Indonesia.

Robyn's session - Books for Indonesian Girls by Indonesian Girls: How Children's Books Shape Perspectives of the World focused on her new series aimed at young pubescent Indonesian girls.  

The I Am Me series is a rigorously researched and thoughtful set of bilingual picture books designed to educate, inform and empower young girls with realistic expectations and useful information about their changing bodies and feelings. Bright, bold and unashamedly unambiguous, Robyn drew on her extensive health care industry background to develop this concept.

It was a delight to behold this young, exuberant, focused individual describe the creative process that resulted in this series and how she plans to tackle a similar one for boys. Equally gratifying was the positive reception received from the packed room of delegates, males and females alike.
Robyn prepares to deliver the stories behind her I Am Me series

Coming soon, more picture book love and interactive storytelling.


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