Showcasing Storytelling with Kindergo and Puppies
The single most important thing in cultivating a love of reading in children is to engage them in the story. How this is done, through which ever medium, is almost inconsequential for the key to full engagement, I believe, will always lie within the story itself.
Kindergo Avartar excited about being in my Pet Island blog post
If the heart of the story is strong and purposeful, if it reads true and speaks directly to the age group it is written for, then it will be a winner no matter how it is relayed. Forever mindful of this, I have been adapting a few picture book stories, written over the last decade or so, as creative content for the Kindergo app found at Kindergo Kids.
Kindergo Avatar brought to life with AR
Kindergo Kids is a safe, curated digital storytelling platform that delivers enhanced reading experiences for 2 - 5 year-olds. They provide quality, immersive, entertaining stories grouped on a variety of themed islands. These archipelagos of creative content offer youngsters and their parents, unlimited learning opportunities through self-navigation and discovery.

I have a number of digi picture books included on future islands, but am puppy-dog-ecstatic to see Have You Seen My Spots? released on the newly discovered, Pet Island. Download this app for free to experience Dash the Dalmatian's dilemmas and joys.

There's nothing like having a new puppy to bring a smile on your face. I hope my stories do, too.

This week, Kindergo invited me to visit Pet Island and reveal a little more about my love of kids lit and ... pets. Click on the image below to read all about it.


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