Have You Seen My Spots? - Printed Version

If I had a tail, I'd be wagging it.

This month not only did the Kindergo Reading App officially (re)launch its exciting new website and app and a library of sensationally stimulating new books for little kids to discover empowering reading and learning experiences, it simultaneously released a selection of online stories as printed story books.

Now youngsters from the age of 2 - 7 years can book shelf their favourites after visiting them on their favourite Story Islands.

I'm so excited about this concept of curative online learning that embraces traditional story telling by enhancing it with tap and hear technology and innovative interactive story experiences.

Children learn faster in safe productive environments, which is why GoGo (the Kindergo Reading Buddy) and the team behind Kindergo are 100% dedicated to providing entertaining, fun, educational creative content.

I feel much the same way. You can download one of my stories, Have You Seen My Spots? on the Kindergo app, here.

If you would like to complement this with the printed version, visit my Amazon Author Page to order your own paperback copy.

Stay tuned for more stories from me and Kindergo in the months to come. I can't wait to discover more Islands with you...


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