NSW Premier's Reading Challenge

I love lists.

Being on lists - good ones - is something I don't exactly aspire to but am thrilled to learn about when it happens. I'd be lying if I denied that feeling of inclusion and validation doesn't feel good. So when Nicky Johnston, illustrator of both The Fix-It Man and At The End of Holyrood Lane messaged me a screen shot of their listings, I may have let the thrill escape a little. Well, okay...a lot.

For most of my child's primary school years, we have been part of a Premier's Reading Challenge, attempting to foster a love of reading and exploring as many new, interesting, enlightening titles as possible. I think the thrill of the challenge enthused me more than it ever did her but nonetheless it did expose us to an ocean of children's stories.

The 2019 NSW Premier's Reading Challenge runs from the 4 March to 30 August and is one of the most exciting ways to dive into that story ocean because so many wonderful books are there waiting for you to fish them out of your library, your bookshop, your sibling's bookshelf - wherever you can find them. And the very best ones are on this list...including MINE. Download the full list, here.

So what are you waiting for?

Explore. Find. Read. Enjoy. Set yourself the challenge.


Norah said…
Congratulations, Dimity! Your book deserves to be on every list of good books to read. It's a gem.
DimbutNice said…
Thank you so much, Norah. That means volumes to me. :-) xx
Hakea said…
Pretty darn excited to join you on that list! Congrats!
DimbutNice said…
And to you Black Cockatoo! aka Hakea, LOL. Thanks for sharing the excitement!! :-)

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