A Perfect Publication: Kookie Magazine


I am pleased as punch to see my short story, Perfect Prue, published in the latest edition of the Kookie Magazine, Issue 6.

Perfect Prue  is a short story about competitive cousins, capsizing catastrophes, fitting in and sailing! Grab yourself a copy of this awesome little mag and read it for yourself, soon. 

KOOKIE (as in smart KOOKIE) is a girl-powered, award-winning print magazine for ages 7 to 12+. It is chock-a-block packed with interviews, fiction, craft, puzzles, comics, articles on science and nature, art and activism, sports and technology plus pages of reader contributions and pics, sure to keep young female tweens exploring and thinking.

This magazine is also 100% ad-free and comes out four times a year (March, June, September, December). I had an absolute ball soaking up its articles and heartily recommend it for any middle grade readers who want a magazine dedicated to thought provoking issues but also FUN!

Illustration from Perfect Prue courtesy of Emma Reynolds


Susanne Gervay said…
This has to be the best magazine for tween girls. Everything is spot on. My tween neice came over and shared it with her brothers - can you believe that? They all were into it.
Dimity said…
It's true, Susanne! So en point, fiesty, fun, a joy to read. We had year books in my day but this mag is so much more 21st century! 😊 Thank YOU for the tremendous heads up. Xxx
Norah said…
This looks great, Dimity. I must check it out for my seven-year-old granddaughter. I think she'd enjoy it. Is there anything similar for boys? My grandson is nine.
Congratulations on your story!
DimbutNice said…
Thank you, Norah!

Yes yes, you must check this magazine out. They publish quarterly at the moment. It's such a light breezy read but contains articles of perfectly targeted substance. It does aim specifically for girls of your granddaughter's age but as Susanne G pointed out, boys of the same age seem to enjoy it, too. I do not know of one target to just males at this time. It's a bit tricky as boys establishing gender specific identities could also find value in it. The articles are not typically 'girly' per se. They cover a myriad of topics, STEM subjects not withstanding!

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