Get Appy: Circus School Digital Picture Book

Ironically, Circus School was one of the first picture book texts I ever penned.

It originated as an assignment for a writing course I was undertaking several years ago and features Elise the Elephant who is about to fulfil her dream of performing in the circus. She embarks on her first day of circus school bursting with excitement but in spite of her Coach Caroline’s enthusiastic encouragement, soon realises she is not exactly cut out for life in the circus. Or is she?

In a delightful twist of reality, Elise is one elephant who can’t wait to join the circus.

This bouncy story of self-discovery and tenacity for pre-schoolers features oodles of fun word play and exuberant onomatopoeia. I just love how Beatriz Mello's illustrations bring Elsie and her circus school chums to bouncy, spinning, teetering life.You simply must discover their antics.

This digital story was also featured in Virgin Australia’s inflight kids’ entertainment program in February 2017 as part of the inaugural launch of the Kindergo Kids app.

Available as an immersive, interactive storytelling experience in the Kindergo App library, this story, like my other Kindergo title, Have You Seen My Spots?, is also available in a paperback printed version via Amazon. Perfect for those tech savvy little munchkins who can swipe, turn and read!

Download the app to experience Elsie's story (and Dash's story) some day soon. You're kids will love you for it. There are literally dozens of stories to share, love, listen to and learn from.


Norah said…
Congratulations, Dimity. Your story sounds delightful. I'd love you to write a post about the Kindergo App and your stories for me sometime. If you were to ever have a spare moment or two. :)
DimbutNice said…
Consider it done, Norah! Well - almost, not quite, one day soon. I'll need several more of those spare moments, ha ha!

Thank you for your Saluations! Dimity

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