Flying My Kite: Crystal Kite Awards Shortlist

I would not be human if I did not admit to feeling the love and soaking up the joy of being in the limelight, the kind of limelight created by a book award listing. In this instance, that award listing is the SCBWI Crystal Kite Members' Choice Award - Shortlist.

Many know my stance on awards. I would never say no to one of course (remember that bit about being human) but at the same time, I really feel that awards by themselves are not the definitive measure of the true worth, value or intrinsic beauty of a story. Many other factors combine deeming the success of a story not least of which is the emotion resonated within a reader's heart by what they are seeing and experiencing. Whether your words or pictures make them laugh or cry or snort or frown, it's the profound personal connection between reader and character that makes them want to continue to laugh and cry more with them. For me this represents success as a writer and is ultimately worth more than any shiny sticker.
I've been fortunate enough to witness reactions like these when entrusting one of my story books to a new owner. At The End of Holyrood Lane is a picture book that typically elicits strong emotional responses. I love that and gain much from it especially if it helps project the book and it's intent (to create understanding around the topic of fears and domestic violence) more confidently into the hands and hearts of more readers. Equally so, I love that these peer judged awards must have also evoked enough emotion to entice members to vote. I am truly touched and grateful.

To have made the Australian New Zealand regional Shortlist is something I never expected. To be placed with Nicky Johnston alongside two stellar champions of words and pictures, Tania McCartney and Kelly Canby, is a gift unto itself. We are all winners in my eyes.

Without an eclectic collection of creators, we'd have no one to relay the stories of so many beautiful characters. Without our publishers, we'd have no one to take the risk and back the dark horses among us - thank you EK Books! Without our tribe of fellow authors and artists, we'd have no walls to lean against when things get stormy wild. But of course, without readers like YOU, our stories would have no purpose or life. So...
- for nudging Flick further along Holyrood Lane, and giving her reason and courage to be noticed, for shining a slice of limelight upon her.

Illustrations Nicky Johnston - At The End of Holyrood Lane



Norah Colvin said…
This is very exciting, Dimity. Congratulations! A well-deserved award.
DimbutNice said…
Thank you with hugs Norah. A simple shortlisting but still an immense honour. Dimity x

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