Book Bites: Mother's Day Magic Moments

There are probably as many glorious books tucked away on bookshop shelves celebrating the magic of motherhood as there are ways to say ‘mum’. These are but a sprinkling of newish picture books for significant female role models to share with their kinderlings this Mother’s Day – or any day.

Welcome: A Mo Willems Guide For New Arrivals
When you see the name, Mo Willems, you know chuckles are in store. Supremely clever, witty and super super cute (in a non-cutesy way), this robust hardcover board book is the ultimate new arrival gift.

Postmodern and interactive in style and format, it begins with YOU or at least a reflection of the young tot you might be reading this to thanks to the inbuilt mirror. It continues with a message of thanks and relief, an invitation to lie back, relax, and enjoy the stay then features several notifications that baby might enjoy such as cats and stories. There are cautions that happiness may not prevail at all times, ice creams inevitably will be dropped but no matter what, the assurance that you are loved, now, later and when you are all grown up prevails.

I cannot recommend this highly enough for new parents and new humans.

Title: Welcome: A Mo Willems Guide For New Arrivals
Author Illustrator: Mo Willems
Publisher: Walker Books, $24.99
Publication Date: July 2018
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781406383584
For ages: 0+
Type: Board Book

Buy the Book: Boomerang Books, Walker Books Australia

 I Love My Mum Because
This unique interactive experience is part activity book, part educational picture book and 100% perfect as a gift to present to mum either on Mother’s day, her birthday or any other ‘just because’ special occasion. I could just about feel mothers’ hearts melting as I flicked through pages and pages of colouring-in, counting, searching, making, and decorating opportunities. The concept of personalising a book that reads as a story about all the precious moments a child can share with their mother is as clever and colourful as the crazy, scribbled end pages.

Spot on!

Title: I Love My Mum Because
Author: Petra James
Illustrator: Alissa Dinallo
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia, $14.99
Publication Date: March 2019
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781760784386
For ages: 3 - 7
Type: Board Book

Buy the Book: Boomerang Books, Pan Macmillan

 Fantastically Great Women who Worked Wonders

Best-selling British author and illustrator, Kate Pankhurst is renowned for her picture book series. I particularly like the Fantastically Great Women series, which first highlighted Great Women Who Changed the World and then showcased those who made amazing inroads in History. In this latest instalment of amazing female role models, some of the names may be less recognisable, readers may feel as though they are being introduced to a new storybook character for the first time, but this is a good thing because we soon learn, not all heroes are ten feet tall and louder than jet engines.

From collectors of insects to scientists of DNA, hot-air balloonists to board game designers, daring explorers to NSAS technicians, each of these remarkable women shared one thing in common; a tenacity to remain true to their beliefs and passion. They all exhibited great integrity with a firm emphasis on ‘gritty’. Without many of them and the bi-products of their ingenuity and perseverance, the world would not be as it is today.

Pankhurst’s detailed illustrations coupled with lively page layouts will captivate and educate. Great Women Who Worked Wonders is another great invitation to, ‘Hear if for the girls!’

Title: Fantastically Great Women Who Worked Wonders
Author / Illustrator: Kate Pankhurst
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books, $14.99
Publication Date: March 2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781408899274
For ages: 5+
Type: Non-fiction Picture Book.

Buy the Book: Boomerang Books, Bloomsbury Books

Mum for Sale
Hot on the heels of Errol!, Zanni Louise and Philip Bunting have whipped out another quietly zany picture book in which persistent penguin poppet, Errol desperately requires his mum’s full attention, who knows what for. Perhaps it’s just one of those typical toddler demands for the parental spotlight but whatever the cause for his constant calls, they fall on deaf ears. Mum is 100% involved with calls of another nature, delivering and receiving them via her mobile phone, which never leaves the side of her head.

Fed up, Errol concludes she has exhausted her usefulness and decides to put her up for sale. It’s the ultimate cry for attention and a sublimely clever way of demonstrating the innate problem-solving abilities of the very young when they want something very much.

Errol makes a winning deal in exchange for his mum but when he is unable to access his payment, he must use all his ingenuity to buy mum back because there are just some things you just cannot live without – like a mum with strong wingtips.

Colourful, witty and superbly lean on words and imagery, Mum for Sale speaks volumes about modern parent child relationships making it a fun share read this Mum’s Day.

Title: Mum For Sale
Author: Zanni Louise
Illustrator: Philip Bunting
Publisher: Scholastic Press, $17.99
Publication Date: April 2019
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781742996080
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture Book

Buy the Book: Boomerang Books, Scholastic
Thanks, Mum!
I adore Matt Cosgrove’s ability to curl words into fun rhyming patterns and colour them with bright bold happiness. This timely, we-love-mum themed picture book is jammed with all the moments in a small person’s day that involve mum, usually because they can’t reach, can’t work-out, can’t find, can’t fix or can’t complete something on their own.

Kid-mum situations feature on every page with every near disaster neatly diverted by our omnipotent, super terrific, always-there, mums. Thanks, Mum! is a sweet gift to share with your special human mum on mother’s day, or anytime you just want to thank your marvellous mum, with or without breakfast crumbs in bed.

Title: Thanks, Mum!
Author / Illustrator: Matt Cosgrove
Publisher: Scholastic, $17.99
Publication Date: April 2019
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781760664039
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture Book

Buy the Book: Boomerang Books, Scholastic


Norah Colvin said…
I don't know which of these to start with, Dimity. They all look great.
DimbutNice said…
Yes, spoiled for choice. Comedy ranks high for me so maybe open with Errol ;-)

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