Cover Reveal: Pippa

Pippa is a little pigeon with big blue-sky ambitions: to fly solo and explore the world beyond her nest.

Her parents are less than thrilled  with their risk-taking, feathered fledgling and smother her with well-meant yet suffocating warnings until one day she ignores them all and takes the leap into the unknown…alone.

This plucky little pigeon is also the star of my latest picture book, Pippa, which she considers something of a self-titled achievement! She is young, feisty, determined and wilful, just like many youngsters, and she refuses to remain grounded by her parents' overprotective ways.

But what happens when she throws caution to the wind and encounters more adventure than she bargained for? You can find out for yourself this July when Pippa lands in bookshops around Australia.

Masterfully illustrated by Andrew Plant and published by Ford Street PublishingPippa is a light-hearted adventure tale about striking out alone, following your dreams and experiencing what it’s like when you get there. I can't wait to introduce her to you. So here she is...!

Visit Dim's Write Stuff blog for more details on Pippa's launch dates both in Brisbane and Melbourne (with Andrew Plant).

Did you know, I had a loft-full of homing pigeons when I was a kid, often staying with them well after dark; not to avoid my parents, I just liked watching them sleep. If I had wings, I'd fly but I don't 😔😔so am a full-time children’s author, semi-professional chook wrangler and occasional adventurer instead. 😁 Although, I still really really wish I could fly...

Andrew Plant is an author and illustrator of picture and education books, several of which have been CBCA notable books. He has been published in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, USA and South Korea. He has presented sessions in schools and libraries from Alice Springs to Beijing and France. He also paints murals for schools, libraries and museums, and designs and builds theatre sets. 

Title: Pippa
Author: Dimity Powell
Illustrator: Andrew Plant
Publisher: Ford Street Publishing, $24.95
Publication Date: July 2019
ISBN: 9781925804263
Format: Hardcover
For ages: 3 – 6
Type: Picture Book


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