Sojourns and Celebrations: Pippa Takes Off

Pippa pigeon has certainly been clocking up her flying hours the last month or so. In case you haven't been able to keep up with her feathered fiascoes, here's a pictorial collage from the first couple of Book Launches for Pippa's self-titled story, PIPPA! Enjoy. 

If you want to meet the real Pippa and her amazing chaperon, aka me, Dimity Powell, please do not ignore your urge to get in touch. We'd both love the chance to visit your school, library, care centre, bookshop or event. Assurance Pledge: Pippa is 100% house-trained and exemplary in confined spaces with small humans.

If you can't be bothered scrolling through these book launch happy snaps, check out the mini-movie below for a few of our best moments. (Photo credits to all and sundry who attended, Maria Parenti-Baldey, and George Ivanoff)
Pippa Book Launches August 2019

Riverbend Books hosts Pippa's Brisbane launch August 2019

The peerless Samantha Wheeler donning her 'bird' glasses to launch Pippa

Introducing the coo coo coolest pigeon in town...PIPPA!

Story time

A flock of enraptured guests getting their pigeon on

Pippa assisting in some serious signing - spread your wings little bird

Leaving the sunny serenity of the Gold Coast ...

...for the freezing arctic blasts and bustle of Melbourne

Where trams clatter and slip along dampened streets

Ford Street Publishing, home to Pippa's Melbourne launch

The ineffable, George Ivanoff taking off with Pippa - a fabulous emcee 

Pippa and the gang: Paul Collins Publisher (middle) and Andrew Plant, the illustrator who gave Pippa her wings

Feathers and fun galore

And we have lift off!

Hurrah! Taking flight in the heart of Ford Street thanks to George's novel and fun way of launching Pippa

An inflight selfie courtesy of George. What a wag and what a wonderful afternoon.


Norah Colvin said…
Congratulations on another beautiful book, Dimity!
DimbutNice said…
Thank you sweet! Each one more successively fun!

Dimity x

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