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As many busy creatives will tell you, finding time to write is precious enough without having to carve out extra hours to secure those all important school visits or Book Week bookings. Those same creatives, aka children's authors and illustrators, will continue to explain that it is often engagements at writing festivals, conferences and schools that form the bulk of our income.

Enter the speakers' agencies, those associations devoted to finding their expansive lists of authors and illustrators the most lucrative, exciting and perfectly matched events as possible. Agencies work on our behalf as well as that of the schools and institutions that enlist them to find exactly the right author or illustrator for their literary event. I rely on those agencies I am listed with to not only find but also secure these bookings for me, without them I'd really need an extra Girl Friday to cope.

That's why I'm all a flutter with delight to be signed up with one of the industry's newest agencies, CKT Speakers Agency. 

Creative Kids Tales Speakers Agency is the brainchild of CKT founder, Georgie Donaghey. After several successful years of facilitating this renowned site for kids' lit as well as authoring her award winning books, speaking at festivals and organising conferences, Georgie felt it was time to give even more back to the industry by fusing the talent she has a strong appreciation of with those who stand to benefit the most from it, children (and adults who love to write!)
Check out this wonderful line up of literary movers and shakers

Still in its infancy, CKT Speakers Agency will initially be focusing on placing writers and artists in schools and festivals in the Southern states of Australia, however as with all good things, this is set to expand. Librarians, teachers and event coordinators, check out the current line-up of creatives available along with some great presentation packages on offer.

I can't wait to visit your school or event under the CKT Speakers Agency Mantel so for those of you in SE QLD or the surrounds, give them a tingle. I'll travel anywhere with my entourage of picture book characters by the way, so call even if you are not located in the Sunshine State!

Speak to ya later!


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