The world is undoubtedly in a state of upset and turmoil. Worry besets fear, besets panic, besets much more than just a corruption of health and well being. Whilst books cannot provide the whole cure or even offer all the solutions, they can help to 'restore resilience, uplift and reconnect humanity'.

It's heartening to see so many people including booksellers, both the bricks and mortar and online kinds and publishers, rally to not only preserve their own business models and staff welfare but more saliently, their customers' best interests by offering incentives to help people decide how best to spend their dwindling pay packets.

I normally abhor catch phrases, but it really does feel like we're all in this together, more than ever before in my time on this planet in any case.

So I'm more than pleased to see that my publisher, EK Books and their parent company, Exisle Publishing are offering...


This means that access to a huge range of uplifting, inspirational, self-help reads (even ones about how to cope with being stuck at home with the kids!) are now on offer along with a veritable toy box-full of sensational kids' reads. Including mine 😉 You're gonna need them!

In addition if you're worried about your local bookstore who may be struggling right now, you'll see an option at the (Exisle Publishing) checkout to name a bookstore who will receive 10% of your order value. So, if you're thinking about stocking up on books to help you through the next few weeks and want to support Aussie bookselling in the process, now is the time.

Visit the Exisle Publishing website for a full list of titles and to order.


Norah Colvin said…
What a fabulous offer, Dimity. In times like this, we can't do without books.
DimbutNice said…
So very very true, Norah!! D x

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