International Read To Me Day

It's no secret I love a good read. If books were chocolate, I'd be as big as a whale because I just can't say no to them. Perhaps what I love most about my role as a kids' author is knowing that somewhere out there one of my stories is being savoured and enjoyed as much as a tubful of chocolate. Even better is when that story is being shared.

Reading a story to another human is in my mind, one of the most intimate, caring and valuable shared experiences we can give each other. There is something about hearing another person's voice express a world of wonder and intrigue that simultaneously entrances and soothes. I think that's why Story Time on Playschool is still my favourite part of the show. So to emphasize the wonder of reading, the international reading campaign to encourage kids to get adults to read to them is all set to run again on the 19 March.

International Read To Me Day, was created as another essential cog in the literacy advocacy wheel. It empowers and encourages children to participate in the conversation about their own literacy by reminding the adults around them about the importance of being read to, regularly.

Discover more about the aims of this collective campaign which runs on the 19 March every year, why it's so important for promoting literacy and how it makes a difference to not just a child's reading proficiency but also their love for reading .

Emma Mactaggart Founder of The Child Writes Fund and Read To Me advocate

Aside from sitting down and reading with someone you love at home, at school or as a volunteer, there are numerous other ways you can get involved in this community initiative. Visit the International Read To Me site to appreciate the truly embracing hug of children's literacy advocates from around the world. We are all part of one village. Let's make it the most inspired we can.


Norah Colvin said…
Such a wonderful project to share and celebrate, Dimity. I'm with you on that. (Even to the chocolate.😉)
DimbutNice said…
Ha ha excellent! Thanks Norah. Story sharing is an activity I don't think I'll ever grow tired of eating chocolate ;-) D x

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