Especially For You: Attention Teachers Librarians & Home schoolers!

When I was a few decades younger, I dreamed of being a librarian, such was my love of books. To be the custodian of so many fictional worlds was an honor I wanted to live. To be on the safe side, I also practiced teaching as a youngster. I mean what better way to share my love for stories than with roomfuls of attentive stuffed toy animals, aka my students.

Needless to say, neither of these occupations really took off.  Seems being the creator rather than the curator was my destiny. Ironically, one of the best things about being a children's author is being allowed to produce detailed teachers' notes and additional activities supporting your book that enhance and enrich the reading experience.

All of my picture books include detailed Teachers' Notes annexed to Australian Curriculum links as well as accompanying worksheets and activities that focus on a range of fun things to make and do and even eat! They are all on my website. They are generally included on the publishers' websites too. But unless a teacher knows exactly what they are searching for, books addressing grief and loss for example, knows who has written books like that and is super dedicated to looking up your particular title and then hunting around for all the related resources to assist them in class room discussions, they are likely to overlook or simply miss some really great materials.

What if you're not a teacher? Maybe you're a parent devoted to promoting the joy of reading with your child but are unsure where to start. Maybe you're a student eager to understand the story behind children's stories in great depth.

This is where a consolidated site committed to providing insights and opportunities that deepen the reader's understanding and joy of the books they are reading, comes into play. There are many, but one that I recently reached out to was, Teaching Books

Teaching Books is small but dedicated and incredibly friendly and efficient set up whose soul purpose is to enable readers to connect deeply with the books they read whilst gaining new insight and understanding from authors who pen them. In short, they want you to enjoy the books as much as they do!

Catering for audiences from K - 12, the works of dozens of creators from every quarter of the globe are featured, including ... mine!

I'm delighted to be among some other superlative stars of the Kids' Lit galaxy. Now anyone can access value adding resources attributed to my titles. Check it out for yourselves! Sign up and take advantage of the plethora of useful materials available to augment your reading and teaching experiences. And there are loads of fun, interactive inclusions too, like the Author Name Pronunciation recordings. I can't tell you how cool that was to do!

So if you're looking for a one stop shop for extra curriculum, value adding resources from a huge selection of books, visit Teaching Books


Norah Colvin said…
Sounds like a great resource, Dimity. I was surprised at the pricing.
DimbutNice said…
Hi Norah, I agree.

Regarding pricing, as I'm not an educator who might be trying to source such resources, rather just providing them, I cannot judge their acceptability. I'd be interested to know how they place compared to other resource hubs.

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