Goodness Me - It's Virtual Dimity!

Last time I checked, the world is still spinning. It's just some days, it feels like everything is a little off centre, topsy-turvy even. Life can be like that; like an out-of-control fun park ride that threatens to make you a bit sick. But it can also be the opportunity to make the most out of a new experience. It just depends on how you look at it, doesn't it?

In recent times, we've all been forced to look at things a bit differently, including we authors. For the time being, we are not able to reach out and share with you all in person via school visits and festivals but of course that doesn't mean we want to stop sharing! So, like many of my clever colleagues, I have made a few life changes and adaptations in an effort to remain accessible and available for you.

I've revamped my YouTube channel which was already chock-a-block full of book launches, book trailers, behind-the-scene sneek peeks, author-life shares and more. Here, take a look...

Now you will find even more brilliant content including: 
  • Story time sessions 
  • Character meet and greets 
  • Book reviews 
  • Art and craft tutorials relating to my stories... 
The list is as limitless as my imagination - and my ability to make movies as good as Steven Spielberg, but we'll jump those puddles when I get a better pair of gumboots. 

So what are you waiting for? Come fly with me! 

Subscribe today so you'll never miss out on the bookish love. What's more, you'll be the first to know about my VIRTUAL VISIT OPPORTUNITIES including:
  • Virtual book readings 
  • Author meet and greet sessions 
  • One on one discussions
  • Q & A interactive huddles (with the help of Skype or Zoom or other school accepted conferencing platform)
  • Workshop styled presentations
  • Group presentations
  • Book discussions
  • Creator doctoring services to assist your writing aspirations 
Visit my website or check in with one of my agents for all the details on how to arrange a session with me in any educational environment: schools, libraries, conferences, homes, back of Burke!

Meantime, strap in, hang on and make the most of this ride! (As safely as you can!)


Norah Colvin said…
This is wonderful, Dimity. A feast for readers of any age.
DimbutNice said…
Thank you kindly, Norah! I hope so. Entertain and enthrall. It's all we can hope for. :-)

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