Chocks Away - Paper Plane Making with Pippa!

Cancelled holidays equates to cancelled fun and the destruction of expectations for kids and in this great period of change, represents just another significant adjustment they have been forced, not asked, to endure. Although remaining physically grounded may still be the case for many, it does not imply you can't go on adventures. Kids' authors, like me, take off on a daily basis thanks our imaginations. Imagination is one of the most powerful and sure-fired ways to enjoy the ride. Making stuff is another and together with Pippa as my inspiration for taking flight and getting out there, I've knocked up this little video that allows you to

 Making a Paper Plane!

This is a very simplified version of a basic paper plane but it flies extremely well, long and high! Pippa and I would love for you to experiment and modify your design to see if you can out-fly us. Send us a video or picture of your completed aeronautical master piece and I'll pop it on this blog!


Norah Colvin said…
Great fun, Dimity!
DimbutNice said…
It really is, Norah. Good old fashioned, simple fun that for some reason never loses its appeal. :-)

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