Author Interview: The Author in The Time of Coronavirus - A Weekend Notes exclusive

Me, trying to adapt to the swings and roundabouts of life

There's a lot of useful information and enlightening blogs percolating about the writers-verse about the importance of self-help, patience, and mental plasticity in this whirlpool of changing times. When physical security - our health - is compromised, then it follows our mental well being may be affected. Stress (including eustress, aka good stress) keeps us on our toes, one leap ahead in the scramble to live another day. But it needs some adjusting to, just like change.

To say that this pandemic affliction has been good for me (as an author) is a slight distortion of reality and not meant to sound flippant or disrespectful . How can such universal pain be a good thing? But to say that I have learnt much and benefited by the confinements and challenges thrown up in all our faces, is no exaggeration. 

In this article published in Weekend Notes on line zine by Belladonna, I and several other well-know children's authors touch on our Covid-19 experiences, the lows and also the unexpected outcomes that have kept many of us floating high. I don't have all the crystal ball answers. In fact, I can't even supply one. Everyone's coping mechanisms are different. Everyone's perceptions a different shade of actual. So if I had to offer one bit of advice it's just to keep on keeping on. Pushing forward is the only way to reach anything; your dreams, expectations, destination...

Read the full article here. If you're a creative, I hope this buoys you. If you're not, I you find solace and comfort in the stories of others. 

"This new chapter of human history amplifies the essence of change, unanimity and resilience; qualities I love to explore in my stories and which motivate me to not only write on but live better." A snippet of my chat with Belladonna in her piece about The Author in The Time of Coronavirus. 


Norah Colvin said…
What a great collection of interviews that show how resilient creatives are. I'm pleased that you are keeping on keeping on, Dimity, and that the situation has provided you with opportunities to try new things.
DimbutNice said…
Thank you sincerely, Norah. It's been an interesting time, no question but tenacity often wins out in the end. A message for us all perhaps. Thank you for your not so small part in keeping the positivity fires fueled with your constant check ins and support. Every little thing makes a difference. :-)

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