New Publication: Fearless Footsteps

It's been a rotten old year for throwing inhibitions to the wind and embarking on wild new adventures. Just surviving 2020 has been adventure enough for many but if you're like me, having your wings figuratively clipped dampens that vital 'looking forward to something' expectation that travel, planned or impulsive invariably brings. The mere thought of going somewhere different, stumbling upon new treasures, stuffing myself on exotic cuisines (made by someone else) and experiencing sunburn in places other than my backyard stimulates and sustains me like nothing else can (with the exception of ice cream).

So, what do you do when these things are no longer accessible in real life? You READ of course, because as all self-respecting lovers of Kids' Lit know, 'The more that you read, the more that you'll know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go'...Dr Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go!

To go someplace that captures the spirit of adventure without even leaving your lounge room,  check in to this vicarious travel experience: Fearless Footsteps. Fearless Footsteps is the spanking new travel anthology issued by Intrepid Times, an utopia of real-life travel tales by people who trek, sail, motor and fly around this awesome planet. Or at least they used to. Like me! 

My short story, All Aboard! is a tale of perceived, sweat-inducing fear, the type that can dog you when you’re at your most vulnerable, exhausted, hungry, lost… but it also illustrates how deciding to rise above that fear can actually overpower it. My real-life anecdote about facing anxiety whilst on the road in Portugal won me a coveted spot in the  Fearless Footsteps anthology and I'm more than just a bit jump-up-and-down excited about it.

All Aboard! takes place in Portugal

Travelling the world is an exhilarating, eye-opening, life-affirming experience. But it can also be scary to even think about. There are language barriers, borders to cross, planes to fly in, and of course, the mystery of an unknown land. It can be difficult to take the chance, even when you’re yearning for adventure.

This inspirational collection of true travel stories proves that the best journeys are to be had when you feel the fear but go anyway. From a nervous flier anxiously taking to the skies for the first time to a female traveller braving the Middle East, from a death-defying hike on an Indonesian volcano to the anxious freedom of finding yourself alone on the other side of the world, these stories are certain to send you looking for your passport.

Fearless Footsteps is travel writing at both its most exhilarating and its most introspective. Covering every continent from Africa to Antarctica, these carefully selected stories get to the heart of what it means to be a traveller and see the world with courage, open-mindedness, and relentless curiosity.

I encourage you to get on board and fearlessly treat yourself to a new adventure. Because, well ...

Title:  Fearless Footsteps
Author:  Various Edited by Nathan James Thomas & Jennifer Roberts
Publisher: Exisle Publishing,$29.99 
Publication Date:  1 November 2020
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925820577
For ages:  15+
Type: Travel Anthology ideal for lovers of travel!

Buy the Book: Ask the Author for a signed copy!, Exisle Publishing, Boomerang Books, Amazon Au


Norah Colvin said…
This sounds wonderful, Dimity. I can't wait to read your story. A copy signed by the author - you - is a must-have in my collection. Please provide details. :)

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