The Fix-It Man in CHINESE!

It’s always a joy to see your story in print. For the most part, this happens in English. If you are really lucky, your books are distributed around the globe throughout an atlas of countries. If you are blessed with great publishers and savvy International Rights agents, your beautiful works are ultimately translated so that kids in countries like China and Hong Kong gain full benefit of your stories in their own language.

I'm feeling very blessed and more than a little moved to have my first published picture book, The Fix-It Man now available throughout China in simplified Chinese. This is the language of my ancestors (on my father's side) and whilst I'm a poor example of retaining ones mother tongue, it fills me with quiet satisfaction that a story I made is now in the language that in part made me. 

This simplified Chinese version released in July 2021 in China. It is part of a 5 book pack set containing a curated selection of ‘healing picture books’ originally published by EK Books for Ubay Parent-Child Library in China by Orient Press. It forms part of their ‘Love and Life Education’ Picture Book recommendations.

Ubay is a well-known parent-child reading service organization in China. With the mission of “making childhood the beginning of happiness”, it is committed to promoting parent-child reading in every family. Up to now, there are 3,000 Youbei parent-child libraries in 300 cities, and Tongshutong, an online platform for parent-child reading consulting services and guidance for families with children aged 0-8.

Interestingly, my name is shown in a vocal phonetic form: Dee-mee-dee, Bow-way-err, as shown in the top right corner under the title. This now ups the total number of words I can say in Chinese to six!

Xie xie EK Books for making this small but incredibly significant milestone possible. 

The Fix-It Man
was first published in 2017 by EK Books and is illustrated by Nicky Johnston. Other awesome titles in this box set include:
  • Grandma Forgets also illustrated by Nicky Johnston
  • Saying Goodbye to Barkly
  • Through The Gate 
  • Ella and Mrs Gooseberry
Discover more and order this very special box-set directly through Ubay.


Norah Colvin said…
That's so awesome, Dimity. Congratulations!
Ali Stegert said…
Wow! How awesome! You have arrived!! Congrats, Dim! x
DimbutNice said…
Ha ha ha, thanks Ali! Well my story has at least...I'm still grounded here as it were, LOL. xxx

Thanks also, Norah. It feels so special. :-) x

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