Forevability: Providing and Sustaining Support

Forever. A notion that suggests everlasting, enduring conditions or effects. But haven't we been told that nothing is forever? Be that as it may, the good folk at Forevability ably headed by Tabitha Page believe that sustaining hope for those whose forever-afters may appear more bleak than others is something worth pursuing. 

Their mission is to: support, understand, empower and teach by offering people with various health conditions, disabilities and mental disorders a veritable library of hope beautifully encased in a huge (and growing) collection of children's books. The titles range from picture books, early readers, middle grade fiction and young adult fiction. There are even a few cross over 18+ selections. Each genre is subdivided into subject areas that address certain conditions: mental health, disabilities, own voice, grief, medical procedures, anxiety and so on. The titles are carefully curated to match the subject area and offer visitors an amazing cross section of choice. 

In an upcoming guest post to be featured on the Kids' Book Review site (for which I contribute), writer Viv Young states, that her 'best discovery without a doubt was that any picture book was an ‘issues’ book. Whatever ‘issue’ was causing hurt or worried feelings— tooth cleaning, fussy eating, visiting the doctor—an everyday picture book on just about any topic provided the safe, nurturing, sometimes hilarious space in which (a) child’s big feelings could find release and calm.

The role of picture books in strengthening parent-child connection is well established. The role of issues-books in calming parental anxiety is probably part of that complex connection, but it’s worth teasing out. Because everyone knows that keeping your cool as a parent is a big part of the job and any picture book that can help with that is worth its weight in gold.'

So very true. As a tireless advocate for the healing powers stories provide, I'm confident this data base of supportive, enlightening and empowering stories is the perfect place to find solace and maybe, just maybe, solutions to some of the more complex situations and conditions our kids (and their families) have to endure in life. And it couldn't have come at a better time.

I'm forever grateful and delighted to have three of my own picture books listed on Forevability. If you are in need of  book to help youngsters understand, appreciate or find comfort when faced with loss and grief, OCD or anxiety, just click on the images below.

Disorder: OCD

Mental Health: Grief / Loss

Mental Health: Anxiety / DV

To learn more about Forevability, peruse the collection of books available or submit a title of your own, visit their site.


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